Gate competition My World & My Life

This year, Gate is running a competition for the best poster on the topic “My World”. Design a poster and show us who you are and what makes your world go round.

How to Enter the “My World” Competition

  • Make a poster of your world, showing what and who is important in your life and why.
  • Describe your world in English. Write between 100 – 200 words.
  • Illustrate the poster any way you like. Use photos. Use drawings or cartoons. Make a collage. Whatever you feel best represents your world. There is no limit except your imagination.

Who Will Win?

We want to see really great posters. We will be awarding points for:

  • creativity
  • overall look
  • good use of English in the text


  1. The deadline is January 31st 2018.
  2. Do not write more than 200 words.
  3. Send us the poster by mail, or take a high-resolution photo of it and send it as a jpeg file to competition@bridge-online.cz, Subject: My World.
  4. Remember to include all the following information. If we do not have this information, we cannot give you a prize.
  • your name, your address and your email address
  • your school’s name and address
  • your teacher’s name
  • your age


1st Place: Alza voucher worth 7,000 crowns / 270 Euros

2nd Place: Alza voucher worth 5,000 crowns / 200 Euros

3rd Place: Alza voucher worth 3,000 crowns / 120 Euros

4th Place: Alza voucher worth 2,000 crowns / 70 Euros

5th Place: Alza voucher worth 1,500 crowns / 50 Euros

6th Place: Alza voucher worth 1,000 crowns / 40 Euros

7th Place: Alza voucher worth 500 crowns / 20 Euros