Floods and Droughts

People in Europe usually have enough clean, usable water to last throughout the year. However, sometimes natural disasters strike the continent… The whole article: Sometimes It’s Too Much, Sometimes Not Enough – Floods and Droughts (pdf)

Bridge September 2016

More Slovak Hot Spots

Slovakia, located in the heart of central Europe, is famous for its natural landscapes and many castles. For anyone wanting to see these beautiful Slovak sights, here are a few places that shouldn’t be missed… The whole article: More Slovak Hot Spots …

Bridge May-June 2016

Czech Exchange Student in the USA

Hello, my name is Pavla and I love exploring the world. When I was 17, I begged my parents to let me study in the USA. Why? I do not remember exactly, but one of my theories is that I saw too many American movies with popular teenagers riding a yellow …

Bridge May-June 2016

Interview with Václav Moravec

Václav Moravec is one of the most striking personalities in Czech television journalism. You may know him as the presenter of the well‑known discussion programme, Václav Moravec’s Questions (Otázky Václava Moravce), which is broadcast on Sundays at noo …

Bridge May-June 2016

Animals & Activities

When you visit the Milford Sound, you can admire not only the beautiful scenery, but also some interesting animals – including birds that eat cars! The whole article: A Different World of Wildlife (pdf) Do you like really long walks? Sheep? Cold water? …

Bridge April 2016


What is like to be autistic? Do you think you might be autistic too? Read the article and try a quiz! The World Through Different Eyes & Quiz (pdf)

Bridge April 2016

Interviews With Students

We live in a world with finite (= limited) resources and a growing global population. How can we make sure that, even in the future, we will have enough food, energy and water to meet our needs? Fortunately, many people realise this problem and are try …

Bridge April 2016

Meet Blondie

Martin Tomáš’ job is protecting wild animals. He is the human parent of Blondie, the rescued lynx. He also runs workshops and lectures where he introduces the lynx to people. Gate asked him a few questions about returning lynxes to the wild… The whol …

Bridge March 2016 Gate March 2016

Can You Believe It?

These days, it seems that almost anything could have serious consequences! Who would have thought that a homemade clock or a mobile phone app could get you arrested? The whole article: Can You Believe It? (pdf)

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