Bridge súťaž Create a Comic Page

Create a Comic Page

For this year’s annual competition, we’re challenging you to create an A4 page of comics. We’re not giving you any rules about how you create it. If you’re a talented cartoonist or painter, then show us what you can do. Not an artist? No problem. Some of the best comics use photos, collage or even stick figures (= simple pictures in which the head of a person is drawn as a circle and the body, arms, and legs are drawn as lines). You can do a single story across a dozen or so panels, you can do four short strips, or use any other format you like. Colour is better than black-and-white, but every entry will be considered.

The winning comics may be creative, interesting, funny, intelligent, silly, educational or thoughtful. Does it look good? Is it interesting to read? Both the quality of the artwork and the English will be important.

The winners will be announced in the May-June issue of Bridge and the best entries will be printed in the magazine.


  • Your comics must fill a single A4 page and must include both images and text.
  • For legal reasons, we can’t publish pictures or characters you don’t own – so don’t use Disney characters, for example.

  How to Enter

  • Send your artwork either by email or by post.
  • For artwork created on a computer: Email us your comic in the original format and as a JPG. If your file is larger than 10 MB, please send it using uschovna.cz or send us a CD/DVD by post. The address to use is competition@bridge-online.cz, with the subject Comic by January 31st 2019. (If you use a different subject or none, we may not include your entry in the competition).
  • For artwork on paper: Either email us a high-resolution scan or send the original artwork by post to Bridge Publishing House, Ohradní 1421/63a, 140 00, Praha 4.
  • Don’t forget to include your full name, the name and address of your school and the full name of your English teacher. (Put it in the body of your email or on a separate piece of paper inside your envelope.)
  • The competition is open only to Bridge subscribers.


Eight winners will each get gift vouchers worth 2,500 crowns (a 2,000-crown Alza voucher and a 500-crown voucher for the Neoluxor bookshop).

The teacher of every winner will get a voucher for the Bridge e-bookshop.