Susan’s Blog: Portal Puzzles

18. 09. 2017
Susan’s Blog: Portal Puzzles

Well, the Impossible Portal isn’t ready yet, but almost! And my Fun Intelligent Tablet (FIT) is helping us get ready. It gave us some puzzles. When we solve all the puzzles, the answers will help us find the code to open the door.

I felt bad when I saw that the portal wasn’t ready. I didn’t want to wait anymore. I was ready to start my adventure! I felt angry and sad and disappointed.

But then I thought about it. Who was I angry at? The door? It’s not the door’s fault! The door can’t work until it’s ready. It’s not FIT’s fault! FIT is already helping me. And it’s not my fault either. The work just isn’t finished.

Sometimes we can’t have what we want right away. This time, I have to wait, and I have to work some more. And what is the work? It’s puzzles. And I love puzzles! Puzzles are fun and they make your brain stronger and faster. So now, I’m not angry, or sad, or disappointed. Now, I’m happy and excited. Soon the door will be open!

See you next week!