Bridge December 2011

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    Skladba "dec11_jerome". Vydáno: 2011. Žánr: Blues.
    Jerome K. Jerome: Three Men in a Boat (Chapter 1 - original version)
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    Skladba "dec11_panto". Vydáno: 2011. Žánr: Blues.
    Christmas Panto
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    Skladba "dec11_history". Vydáno: 2011. Žánr: Blues.
    Britain Between the Wars
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    Skladba "dec11_gaming". Vydáno: 2011. Žánr: Blues.
    Playing That Teaches English
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Extra články

Is Gaming Evil?

In Bridge magazine, we looked at how playing computer games can be helpful for learning foreign languages. However, there are also more general concerns about gaming, especially the addictive qualities of games and their violent content. To get another

Turning Glass into Christmas Decorations

When visiting Ozdoba CZ, a family-run business in Dvůr Králové nad Labem, to write an article for Bridge magazine, we were curious not only about the history of the company and the assortment of their Christmas decorations, but also the traditional pro

More Weird Sculptures in Europe

If the weird sculptures in the magazine were not enough, here is a second serving. From a promenading turtle in Olomouc to a monument to the orange and a room where it always rains… The whole article: More Weird Sculptures in Europe (pdf)

A Closer Look at the Periodic Table

For written communication, using letters is a must. Similarly, chemists can’t work without chemical elements. And just as the letters have a set position in the alphabet, elements are arranged in the periodic table. The main difference, however, is tha

Manly Dancing

Imagine: You’re 11 years old, it’s 11 pm, and you’re sound asleep. Suddenly, your dad wakes you up and gets you out of bed. „How’d you like to be a dancer when you grow up?“ „OK, sure, Dad,“ you say. „Now can I go back to bed?“ This is something like w