Bridge January-February 2010

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Analyze Your Dog

Thousands of years ago, wolves lived around human campsites. They barked out warnings and joined in hunting expeditions. In return, they were fed scraps. Today, millions of dogs live under the same roof as humans, watch TV and receive better healthcare

The Men Who Stare at Goats

Each of us deals with a life crisis in a different way. Some of us might change our appearance, take up a new hobby or find religion. When journalist Bob Wilton’s (Ewan McGregor) wife leaves him, Wilton decides to go to Iraq to cover the war and so pro

Walls Running Through History

Walls and fences are to keep things in or to keep things out. These things could be people or animals. There are all kinds of walls and fences, some dating back to the earliest civilizations. The Great Wall of China One of the greatest wonders of the w

The Clumsy Start

Bus ticket adventures I had just gotten out of the Minneapolis airport after a long transatlantic flight. I got on a city bus and tried to figure out where to cancel the bus ticket, as the driver watched silently. There was a black box with various but