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Interview with Radvan Markus

When Ireland is mentioned, what comes to mind is probably music, shamrock and whiskey. And maybe the fact that they also speak English there. But what about the Irish language? We asked Radvan Markus, an Irish-language teacher, translator and musician,

Oscar Wilde: The Happy Prince

The Happy Prince and The House of Pomegranates are Wilde’s fairy tale collections, published in 1888 and 1891. The stories are dream-like tales which often contain moral messages, particularly about the worthlessness of arrogance and the value of self-

Jewish Quarter in Třebíč

Třebíč, a quiet, medium-sized town in south Moravia, has one of the twelve Czech jewels on the UNESCO World Cultural and Natural Heritage list: an amazingly well-preserved example of the Jewish culture… The whole article: The Jewish Quarter in Třebíč