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Children’s Refuge in London

One of London’s newer museums is the Foundling Hospital, which opened in 2003. The hospital was founded in the 18th century by a group of artists, musicians and aristocrats to look after babies who would otherwise be left to die. At the time, London di


The sculpture‑protest against genetic engineering Every town has something it is famous for – London has Big Ben, New York has the Statue of Liberty and now Liverpool has the superlambanana. What is it? Well, it is a cross between a lamb and a banana.

Monsters of Canada

Are creatures such as unicorns, dragons and sea monsters simply legends or could they really exist? You probably think that these creatures belong only to fairy-tales. Yet there are still people who go to large lands with isolated and hard‑to‑get-to pl

French Prehistoric Jewel

The world‑famous Lascaux caves were discovered by accident! Holes in the ground have fascinated man since time immemorial. Caves were the first homes for ancient man, who often had to share the shelter with other animals, some of which were potentially

Zulu Rhythms and Pop Melodies

The South African music scene, just like the nation, is a diverse1 one. Pop and folk often mix together. South African pop is based on two sources: Isicathamiya and Mbaqanga. Isicathamiya Isicathamiya is the choral singing and dancing which originated

A Sports-Mad Nation

South Africans are very fond of sports. Due to the good weather, most sports are played outdoors, attracting large crowds. The most popular are rugby, football, cricket and tennis. Other sports enjoyed are athletics, golf, swimming, squash, motor racin