Bridge May-June 2012


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    Skladba "JekyllHyde" z alba no title (autor: no artist). Pořadí: 11. skladba. Žánr: Unknown.
    R. L. Stevenson: Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde (excerpt)
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A Decent Vampire

A Decent Vampire: Tim Burton’s Dark Shadows Tim Burton, the director with the wild hair and even wilder imagination has released a new film, Dark Shadows, already out in Czech cinemas. It’s a humorous horror movie and also a love story set in the hippi

Interview with Tennis Player Petra Kvitová

Petra Kvitová (born 1990) entered the world of professional tennis in 2006, and since then she has won some very prestigious tournaments, including the famous Wimbledon. In 2011, she ranked as the second best female tennis player in the world… The wh

Watchmen: Ordinary Superheroes

Ian Moore’s best-known graphic novel is undoubtedly Watchmen (1986). The comic attracted a lot of attention for its wide scope of themes. Time Magazine rated it among the 100 best English‑language novels from 1923 to the present… The Whole article: O

Czech Castles and Chateaux

Since space in the magazine is limited, we decided to cover some interesting Czech castles and chateaux on the website. So here are some more tips of places not to miss. The whole article: History and Legends (pdf)