Bridge October 2010


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Hip Hop First Lady

Queen Latifah is one of the most prominent women rappers. Like the best MCs, she has a uniquely defined style, which manages to be strong and soulful (= emotional). Her lyrics always fit the music perfectly so she pronounces everything clearly and dire

The Best Fortnight in Cambridge

Last year Bridge, together with Cambridge University Press, organized an essay competition. Radek Oroš won the first prize – a two-week course at Bell language school in Cambridge. Here you can read his impressions of the stay. [The story is published

English Bed Expressions

In the article “My Hotel, My Castle” (Bridge 01, 2010–2011, p. 32) there are various words connected to bedclothes (= the coverings which you put on a bed). However, there is a difference between the way a bed looks in the Czech Republic and the way it

The Czech Discworld Wizard

Terry Pratchett has created a whole fantastic universe in his books, filled it with characters with funny names and peppered his stories with unique humour and constant word play. Have you ever wondered what it takes to translate his books into other l

Ahoy, Me Hearties

For a long time pirates have fascinated people. They travelled the high seas, searched for gold treasure and dressed like Jack Sparrow. Recently, a holiday has even been invented to celebrate these maritime types. So, if you are a pirate fan, September