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Lord of the Flies – extract

In this extract from William Golding’s book most of the boys have abandoned Ralph’s group and joined Jack’s savage tribe. They perform a wild dance in which they pretend to kill their dreaded enemy – the beast. However, they make a terrible mistake…

Alois Nebel

Under the Lid The new Czech film Alois Nebel has drawn a lot of attention because of its us of rotoscopy. While it might be the first time this technique has been used in a Czech film, the history of this style of animation is much older… The article

Washington, D.C.

Washington, D.C. is one of America’s most visited cities. It is not just the seat of the federal government, Supreme Court and the President of the United States; there are also memorials to important figures and events in American history, superb muse

Tech Diseases

Cool gadgets and the internet can make our lives easier, but they can also make us sick. Medicines are sought, though sometimes the best solution is as simple as „Turn it off!!!“ Here is a list of the most common tech-diseases. The whole article: How P