Bridge October 2014


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  1. Audio (MP3)
    Scott Joplin-The Entertainer
    Skladba "Scott Joplin-The Entertainer" z alba Arpadua (autor: Arpadua). Pořadí: 6. skladba. Žánr: Unknown.
    Scott Joplin: The Entertainer
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  2. Audio (MP3)
    Skladba "Hemingway_Clean" z alba no title (autor: no artist). Pořadí: 5. skladba. Žánr: Unknown.
    Ernest Hemingway: A Clean Well-Lighted Place
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Extra články

The Man Behind The Stanley Parable

Davey Wreden, one of the creators of The Stanley Parable, was not expecting his game to become famous and win any “Game of the Year” awards, but that’s exactly what happened. He went from being an obscure (= mostly unknown) game designer to being a fam

Belinda Filippelli’s Start in Social Media

Belinda Filippelli, founder of the Czech social media agency, didn’t know that her hobby was actually the perfect training for a future career… The whole article: How Belinda Filippelli Got Her Start in Social Media (pdf)