Bridge September 2019


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Cathedral Thinking in a Norwegian Forest
in, has/had, by, for, be, from, will/can/could, if, to, in, with, of

Do You Speak Internet?
web + log (an online journal)
phablet: phone + tablet (a device halfway between a smartphone and a tablet)
malware: malicious + software (software that is meant to harm the computer)
emoticon: emotion + icon (a graphical representation of a facial expression)
screenager: screen + teenager (a young person skilled in using computers and other electronic devices)

B1 Listening: Short Dialogues
1B, 2C, 3C, 4D

Mind Benders
From left to right: Jasmine Ingram, Callum Rees, Shannon Burgess, Mohammed Singh, Nina Rahmon, Brennan Sullivan, Diana Ingram

Strange World
Caption number 2

Let’s Revise

go, have been
was, stayed, visited
have never visited, took
have missed/have been missing

Penicillin was discovered (by Scottish scientist Alexander Fleming) in 1928. It has been used to cure diseases since 1942. It can be used to treat a wide range of bacterial infections. People allergic to penicillin must be given different antibiotics (by doctors).

could have taken/should have taken
must have been/might have been/could
have been/may have been
could/can/would, can’t find, might have
left/may have left/must have left

boring, bored
hard, hardly
stressed, stressful
heavy, heavily

go, will have OR went, would have
fail, could fail/may fail/might fail OR failed, could fail/might fail
happens, will have to repeat/will need to repeat/have to repeat OR happened, would have to repeat/would need to repeat
hadn’t played/hadn’t been playing, could have spent/might have spent/might have been able to spend, wouldn’t be worrying/wouldn’t have to worry/wouldn’t be worried

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    Skladba "B-CD-2019-09-Track-09" z alba September 2019 (autor: Bridge). Pořadí: 9. skladba. Žánr: Unknown.
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    Skladba "B-CD-2019-09-Track-10" z alba September 2019 (autor: Bridge). Pořadí: 10. skladba. Žánr: Unknown.
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