Bridge Slovakia September 2021


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B1 Language in Use: A Professional Friend: 01 do, 02 than, 03 As, 04 being, 05 from, 06 with, 07 solve, 08 own, 09 without, 10 no

B2 Language in Use: Where Poetry Lives: 01 carpentry, 02 resilience, 03 equally, 04 historians, 05 particularly, 06 refers, 07 mythical, 08 connection, 09 observing, 10 ancestors

Peculiar Plagues
Do-It-Yourself Glossary
1 fungus, 2 mass hysteria, 3 outbreak, 4 boarding school
Plague Masks
1 which, 2 During, 3 when, 4 along, 5 with, 6 away, 7 but, 8 as, 9 like, 10 though

The Puzzler
Flower Shuffle
1 Aboriginal, 2 gemstone, 3 underground, 4 orphanage, 5 surprising; centre letter: N; article source: The Underground Town – Coober Pedy
Synonym Challenge
Across (or down): grade (mark), loved (adored), among (between), raise (lift), ended (finished).
Down (or across): glare (shine), Roman (Latin), avoid (dodge), dense (thick), edged (bordered).
Word Ladder

Going Live: Match It
1D, 2B, 3E, 4A, 5C, 6F

Take The Wheel: Car Idioms
“We were bumper to bumper all  the way from Zagreb to Brno.” –  The traffic was terrible.
“When the examiners looked  at Judd, he felt like a rabbit in  the headlights.” – He froze up in fear and nervousness.
“We need to put the brakes on and  figure out a new strategy.” – We need  to slow down.
“Politicians were asleep at the wheel  when covid-19 arrived.” – They were  in a position of responsibility but  were not being careful and paying  attention.
“When I first started my new  company, my husband was a terrible  backseat driver.” – He constantly gave  unwanted advice and instructions,  as though he thought he should be in charge.
“The meeting was going nowhere,  so Julie took the wheel.” – She took  control.
“Come and kick the tires on this latest  version of the software.” – Try it out  and look for any obvious problems.
“I finally feel like I’m in the driver’s  seat.” – I’m in control.
“I really need a holiday – I’m running  on empty.” – I’ve got no energy left. I’m totally out of fuel.
“I got in a fender bender on the way  home today.” – It was a small crash  that did only minor damage.
“Our reviewer takes a look under  the bonnet of the newest Apple  laptop.” – They take a closer look at  the technical details.
“The book’s slow at first but the story  shifts gears in the third chapter.” – It  changes speed, especially to get more  dramatic or exciting.

B1 Reading: Isle of Skye and  Eilean Donan Castle Tour
1 T, 2 F (8am – 8pm, i.e. 12 hours), 3 F (short stop at Loch Ness before), 4 F (it was destroyed then), 5 T, 6 F (driving over the bridge, no stop till Portree), 7 F (it’s part of the afternoon route), 8 F (meals included), 9 T, 10 T

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