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  1. Audio (MP3)
    Stopa 4
    Skladba "Stopa 4" z alba Neznámé album (14.1.2014 16:15:20). Pořadí: 4. skladba.
    Oscar Wilde: The Happy Prince (the ending of the story)
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  2. Audio (MP3)
    Stopa 5
    Skladba "Stopa 5" z alba Neznámé album (14.1.2014 16:15:20) (autor: Neznámý interpret). Pořadí: 5. skladba. Žánr: Neznámý žánr.
    Winter Fun in Russia (the Olympics in Sochi)
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  3. Audio (MP3)
    Skladba "cardiff". Vydáno: 2013. Žánr: Other.
    My Address: Cardiff
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  4. Audio (MP3)
    Skladba "blockbusters". Vydáno: 2013. Žánr: Other.
    Heroes, Dragons and Witches (top films for next year)
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Extra články

They Can’t All Be Irish, Can They?

For centuries Irish people have been moving abroad to live and work. Perhaps that’s why so many people say that they are Irish. But they can’t all be Irish, right? Well, maybe not – but then again… The whole article: They Can’t All Be Irish, Can They? 

Extra Exercise

An extra task for the article about Czech ice-skaters, Michal Březina and Elizaveta Ukolova. Download the task here (pdf)

Flying Feet

People have been skating for centuries. Cave men used animal bone skates to move over icy land. The first steel skates came from the Netherlands in the 13th and 14th centuries. Skating as a sport first developed on lakes in Scotland and canals in the N