Play Autumn 2019

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Autumn; pp. 4–5

Task 2: In autumn it’s windy and rainy.

Task 3: 1 fox; 2 lizard; 3 snake; 4 bird; 5 bear; 6 rabbit

Task 4: rainy, leaf, windy, tree, owl; forest


Your Story; pp. 6–7

Task 3: bear; cake; fox; king; pizza; queen; rabbit; salad; snake; squirrel


My Magic Spell Book; p. 8

Task 2:

Go to bed. – red

Hello, clown. – brown

You say hello. – yellow


Three Friends in the Forest; pp. 12–13

Task 1: 1B (a pear); 2C (an apple); 3A (a pizza)

Task 2: eight


Let’s Colour; p. 14

What is it?

It’s a squirrel.


Pokémon Sword and Shield; pp. 15–16

Grookey: It looks like a monkey. It’s happy; Scorbunny: It looks like a rabbit. It’s fast; Corviknight: It looks like a bird. It’s strong; Drednaw: It looks like a tortoise. It’s strong; Wooloo: It looks like a sheep. It’s happy; Yamper: It looks like a dog. It’s fast.


Puzzles; pp. 16–17

Task 1: mushroom; fox; rabbit; tree; leaves; apples

What is it? A creeper!

Task 2: 1 Gomez; 2 Uncle Fester; 3 Thing; 4 Lurch; 5 Morticia; 6 Grandmama; 7 Pugsley; 8 Wednesday

What is Thing? It’s a hand.