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It’s Winter – Are You Happy?; pp. 4–5

Task 2: cold, happy, excited, sad, hot, scared, angry, surprised

Task 3:

JOY: I’m happy.

ANGER: I’m angry.

SADNESS: I’m sad.

DISGUST: I don’t like this.

FEAR: I’m scared.


Let’s Colour!; p. 10

Task: a penguin


Darren’s Valentine; pp. 16–17

Task 2: 1 Clara, Darren; 2 Darren, Clara and Molly; 3 Molly, Darren


Welcome to Shiveria; p. 18

Task: 1 purple snowflakes; 2 snowy; 3 happy; 4 rabbit; 5 jackets; 6 Peach; When you shake from the cold.


Cambridge YLE Starters; pp. 19–26

Listening Part 1: Kim – a girl with a dog; Dan – a boy eating a burger; Hugo – a boy under the tree who is watching the skateboarder; Sue – a girl with the orange shirt who is playing in the sand; Alice – a girl holding the football

Listening Part 2: 1 Meier; 2 12; 3 10; 4 Hoyt; 5 Magic

Listening Part 3: 1A (a tiger); 2B (She goes by bus.); 3B (It is in his bag.); 4C (They can drink some water.); 5A (a train)

Reading & Writing Part 1: 1P; 2O; 3P; 4O; 5P

Reading & Writing Part 2: 1 no; 2 yes; 3 yes; 4 no; 5 yes

Reading & Writing Part 3: window; armchair; sofa; bookcase; clock

Reading & Writing Part 4: 1 sunny; 2 coat; 3 shorts; 4 cap; 5 sea


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