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What Are They Doing?; pp. 4–5

Task 2: 1 Judy is drawing a picture; 2 Nelly is reading a book; 3 Mark is drinking iced tea; 4 Ted is eating ice cream; 5 Brian is riding a horse; 6 Bill and Robert are running; 7 Jane and Anne are singing; 8 Phil is playing the guitar; 9 Claire is swimming; 10 Dan is cooking; 11 Andy and May are going camping; 12 Lara is sleeping in a tent.

Task 3: I am cooking; I am playing the guitar; I am running; We are eating; She is sleeping.

I am eating ice cream. My favourite is pineapple with coconut.


The English-Speaking World; pp. 10–11

Task 2: 1 juice; 2 apple; 3 monkey; 4 banana; 5 orange. The Answer: jambo

Task 3: cow; elephant; snake; lizard; tiger; bear. The national bird of India: peacock

Task 4: 1c; 2e; 3b; 4a; 5d


Who Will Play with Darren?; pp. 12–13

Task 2: 1 Bill is playing the guitar. 2 Clara is cooking. 3 Farmer Dan is riding a horse. 4 Molly is reading a book. 5 Sarah is drawing a picture.


Let’s Colour; p. 14

Task: yellow-red-brown ice cream


The Worlds in Star Wars; p. 17

Task 1: 1D; 2E; 3B; 4A; 5C

Task 2: Answers will vary. Examples: You can look at old spaceships on Jakku. You can go swimming on Ahch-To. You can go skiing on Hoth.


A Pirate’s Life for Me!; p. 18

Task 1: 1 looking; 2 drinking; 3 playing; 4 buying; 5 sleeping

Task 2: The treasure is in square 5H.


Luca; p. 19

Task: Sea monster


Cambridge YLE Starters

Reading & Writing Part 5: 1 boy; 2 table; 3 ball; 4 taking; 5 book

Speaking Part 2: Answers will vary. Examples: What’s this? The bike; What colour is it? Green and orange; How many balls are there? Three; How many dolls are there? Three; What’s the girl doing? She’s playing with a tablet; What’s the boy doing? He’s playing with some cubes; What toys are there in the box? There are two balls, two dolls, a plane, a monster, a dog and a board game; What toys are there in the room? There are two cars, a helicopter, a boat, a lorry, a camera, a teddy bear, a doll, a monster, a robot, a rocket, a dog, a caterpillar and a kite; Where is the guitar? It’s on the wall; Where is the helicopter? It’s under the desk; Where is the computer? It’s on the desk; Where is the teddy bear? It’s next to the doll; Where is the ball? It’s in the box; Where is the tablet? It’s in the girl’s hands.

Listening Part 4: The red lizard – on the dog’s head; the blue lizard – between the girl’s feet; the green lizard – on the window; the brown lizard – in the boy’s bag; the orange lizard – next to the cat

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