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Where the Wild Things Are; pp. 4–5
TASK 1: BOX A: duck, fish, frog, bee, butterfly, snail, rabbit, bird, squirrel, bat, fox, spider; BOX B: ant, bear, deer, hedgehog, lizard, mouse, snake
TASK 2: hedgehog, bee, snail, deer, ant, frog, spider, bat, squirrel, lizard, butterfly
TASK 3: 1c a snail; 2a an ant; 3a a butterfly; 4c a frog; 5b a squirrel; 6b a bat

The Call of the Wild; pp. 6–7
TASK: 1 scared; 2 forests; 3 carnivores; 4 pack; 5 Spain; 6 charities

Looking After Pets; p. 9
TASK 1: 1F; 2T; 3T; 4F; 5F; 6T; 7F; 8F
TASK 2: 1 meet; 2 pet; 3 animal; 4 walks; 5 play; 6 get; 7 bear

Agent Ready in the United Kingdom; pp. 10–11
TASK: 1 2016; 2 62; 3 52; 4 4 million; 5 2021; 6 350 million; 7 90; 8 50

How Do People Celebrate Easter?; pp. 12–13
TASK: 1 celebration; 2 parade; 3 eggs; 4 hunt; 5 water; 6 scarves

Films Around the World; pp. 14–15
TASK 1: A3; B1; C2
TASK 2: a Soul, American; b Wolfwalkers, Irish; c Demon Slayer, Japanese

Lego Forever; pp. 16–17
TASK: 1B; 2C; 3B; 4D; 5A; 6B

Meet Your Heroes; p. 20
TASK: 1 magic; 2 animated; 3 easy; 4 strict; 5 ordinary; 6 long; 7 clever

The April Fools’ Mystery; p. 21

TASK 1: Motive: Riley, Josh, Abigail (they hate the teacher); Mr Blackguard (he doesn’t want to go to the zoo because he hates animals); Means: Mr Blackguard (he’s the only one with the keys); Students might suggest Riley and Abigail since they left to use the toilet during lunch, but they do not have keys to the classroom, which was locked.
TASK 2: Mr Blackguard played the prank on himself. He wanted an excuse to cancel the trip to the zoo because he hates animals.

Cambridge YLE Movers; pp. 22–25
Listening Part 5: kitten – colour it blue; draw a tree on top of the mountain; boy’s hair – colour it red; girl’s hat – write the word “Penguin”; towel – colour it brown
Reading & Writing Part 2: 1B; 2A; 3B; 4C; 5A; 6B
Reading & Writing Part 4: 1 than; 2 around; 3 when; 4 of; 5 swimming
Reading & Writing Part 6: 1 sweater; 2 tree; 3 It’s hiding behind the tree; 4 You can buy (some) apples, pears, grapes, carrots, potatoes, onions…

Puzzle Time; pp. 26–27
TASK 1: Pink A7; Purple B3; White C8; Green D1; Blue E2; Red F5; Yellow G4; Orange H6
TASK 2: April Fools’ Day is a fun day to play jokes. The best pranks are the clever ones which make everybody laugh.
TASK 3: 1G Earth; 2D climate change; 3F the environment; 4B be green; 5A rubbish; 6C recycle; 7E ecological

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