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At School Again; pp. 4–5
TASK 1: 1 chair; 2 pencil; 3 scissors; 4 desk; 5 glue; 6 pencil sharpener; 7 ruler; 8 board; 9 computer; 10 school bag; 11 pen; 12 book; 13 clock; 14 pencil case; 15 rubber
TASK 2: pencil; scissors; glue; ruler; board; rubber; colour; lesson; letter; number; homework; mistake
A Joke: Not enough, I have to go back tomorrow!
TASK 3: science (biology); geography; art; music; English, Spanish, French, German; maths; PE; ICT

Teaching with Tech; pp. 6–7
Is a pencil high-tech or low-tech? Low-tech.
TASK: High-Tech: tablet, smartphone, robot, app, laptop; Low-Tech: book, pencil, whiteboard, scissors, desk

The Way to School; p. 8
TASK: Picture A: The US; every day; live, have, go; Picture B: Australia; every day; have, have, get

Daily Routines; p. 9
TASK 1: A 12 o’clock; B 11 o’clock; C every afternoon; D at midnight; E 1 o’clock in the morning
TASK 2: 1 have; 2 eat; 3 bath; 4 make; 5 room; 6 sleep; 7 vacuum

Agent Ready in the US; pp. 10–11
TASK: 1 T; 2 F; 3 T; 4 T; 5 F

Healthy Can Be Tasty!; p. 12
TASK 2: A mash; B add, cut / add, tear / add; C mix; D sprinkle; E roll; F put

All About The Hound of the Baskervilles; p. 13
TASK: detective, mystery, solve, crime, scary, dead

The Fastest Animals; pp. 16–17
How many spots have cheetahs got? Between two and three thousand spots.
TASK 1: A peregrine falcon; B sailfish; C peregrine falcon; D cheetah; E sailfish; F cheetah
TASK 2 (Sample): Cheetah; Class: Mammal; Habitat: Grass and brush; Food: Small animals such as impala and gazelles; Size: Up to 1.5m long; Weight: Up to 65kg; Speed: Up to 120 kph; Good sense of… Sight; Hibernation? No; Swims? Yes, but doesn’t like it; Lifespan: Up to 12 years in the wild.

Windbound; pp. 18–19
TASK: 1C; 2A; 3B

Rip Van Winkle: A Very Tired Man; pp. 20–21
TASK: G; E; B; D; I; F; H; A; C

The European Day of Languages; p. 22
TASK 1: 1 the Netherlands; 2 Poland; 3 English; 4 Wales; 5 a love of long words
TASK 2: 1 Estonian; 2 German; 3 Czech; 4 Welsh; 5 Finnish; 6 Spanish; 7 Italian; 8 Maltese; 9 French; 10 Latvian

Meet Your Heroes; p. 23
TASK: A intelligent (Sakura); B weak (Sakura); C loud (Naruto); D popular (Sasuke); E strong (Kakishi); F dangerous (Naruto)

The Two Camilas; pp. 24–25
Who is Camila’s boyfriend? C) Shawn Mendes
TASK: I’m just looking for some real friends / All they ever do is let me down / Every time I let somebody in / Then I find out what they’re all about / I’m just looking for some real friends / Wonder where they’re all hiding out / I’m just looking for some real friends / Got to get up out of this town

The Mystery of the Dirty Classroom; pp. 28–29
TASK 2: English Class 11:00–12:30; Lunch 12:30–13:00; Art Club 13:00–13:45; Football Practice 13:30–15:00; English Club 14:00–15:00; Computer Club 13:15–14:15
TASK 3: Keira did it, and she changed her shirt before the art club because it was dirty. She went to the classroom between lunch and the art club. Hannah found the mess at around 13:15. The teacher arrived at 13:30 and the mess was there. Riley was already at the art club, Caleb was already at football practice, and Isaac went to get his football clothes at 13:30, so he couldn’t have done it. We don’t know why she did it. Maybe it was an accident…

Puzzle Time; pp. 31–33
TASK 1: 1 sprinkle; 2 alive; 3 island; 4 secret; 5 wild; 6 mystery; 7 screen; Her name is Kaitlyn.
TASK 2: There are 2 books, 6 pencils, 3 pens, 5 rubbers and 4 rulers.
TASK 3: You’ve got a nice belt.
TASK 4: I must get up! / I check my watch / It’s ten to eight / I must get up / or I’ll be late / I stretch, I yawn / I scratch my head / Perhaps I’ll just / Go back to bed

LanguageCert Young Learners Owl Practice Test; pp. 34–35
Part 2 (From top to bottom on the left then the right):
Simon, Vicky, Lucy, Chris, (no name), John, Kate
Part 4: 1 a girl on a boat; 2 Della Driver; 3 Friday; 4 in the evening at six thirty; 5 pizza

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