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At the Doctor’s; pp. 4–5
TASK 1: circle the following words: doctor, nurse, medicine, bandage (Perzil), toothache (Perzil), sick (Yo-Yee), stomach ache (Yo-Yee), temperature, fever (Yo-Yee), cough (Lucy), cold (Lucy)
1 Perzil has a bandage on his arm; 2 Perzil’s holding his teeth. He’s got toothache; 3 Yo-Yee is sick. She’s got a high fever / high temperature; 4 Yo-Yee is holding her stomach. She’s got a stomach ache; 5 Lucy’s got a cold. She’s coughing.
TASK 2: The Answer: Take the spoon out of the glass.
TASK 3: hot cocoa; evergreen trees; thermostats; holidays; fireplace nights; winter dreaming

Leap to a Longer Year; p. 6
How many days are in a leap year? 366
TASK: A2; B1; C3; D2; E3; F3

The Day of Love; p. 7
TASK: 1 card; 2 chocolate; 3 handkerchief; 4 keys; 5 flowers; 6 sweets

What’s the Matter?; p. 9
TASK 1: A Perzil; B Yo-Yee; C Lucy; D Yo-Yee; E Perzil; F Lucy; G Yo-Yee; H Lucy
TASK 2: 1 with; 2 go; 3 don’t; 4 wrong; 5 hospital

Around the World; pp. 10–11
Why are New Zealanders called “Kiwis”? Because of the kiwi bird that lives there.
TASK 1: 1c; 2b; 3b; 4a; 5a; 6c
TASK 2: 1 from; 2 weather; 3 Island; 4 whales

Simple Science Questions; p. 12
TASK: 1F (A cold is a virus.); 2F (When we sneeze, the air goes out of our noses.); 3T; 4T; 5F (Vitamin C doesn’t stop the cold virus.)

Smart Phone, Smart User; p. 13
TASK: Apps to make your phone faster, apps to make your battery last longer and free antivirus apps usually don’t work and can be dangerous.

Little Blue Penguins; pp. 16–17
Why are little blue penguins called “fairy penguins”? Because they are so small.
TASK 1: 1 help; 2 nest boxes; 3 penguin family; 4 grass
TASK 2: Class: aves; Habitat: rocky coasts; Food: small fish and squid; Size: 25 cm; Weight: 1 kg; Speed: 6.5 km/h (swimming); Good sense of: smell; Hibernates?: no; Swims?: yes; Life span: 6–20 years

And the Best Animated Film Is…; pp. 18–19
TASK: 1d; 2c; 3a; 4e; 5b

Kids Like Us; pp. 20–21
TASK: 1 younger > older; 2 five > six; 3 day > week; 4 2016 > 2017; 5 guitar > piano; 6 German > Spanish; 7 Pokémon Go > Minecraft

Which Superhero Are You?; p. 22
Mostly As = Iron Man; Mostly Bs = Storm; Mostly Cs = Wolverine; Mostly Ds = Squirrel Girl

The Mystery of the Haunted Theatre; p. 23
TASK: Dear Ms Mirren, My company wants to buy your theatre. We can pay you a lot of money. No one goes to the theatre anymore. We would like to build a shopping centre there. Please call us to talk about it. Ticket Sales per month for 2019 … April: 475 … July: 465 … November: 210
Beverly’s phone … Beverly’s scissors … Beverly’s ruler
The Clues: 1 badly, not much; 2 buy; 3 blue; 4 scissors

Lorde; pp. 24–25
How many books did Lorde read before she was 14? 1,000

Cambridge YLE Movers Practice Test; pp. 26–32
Listening Part 3: 1 his father – A; 2 his sister – F; 3 his daughter – H; 4 his cousin – E; 5 his aunt – G
Reading & Writing Part 4: 1 in; 2 who; 3 quickly; 4 jumping; 5 than
Reading & Writing Part 5: 1 Grace’s mum; 2 eat (a sandwich) / have a sandwich; 3 music started (playing); 4 her head; 5 (very) brave; 6 naughty; 7 gave his hat

Puzzle Time; pp. 33–35
TASK 1: Abigail – an earache; Ava – a cold; Nick – a fever; Elijah – a stomach ache; Jemma – a headache; Brandon – a cut leg
TASK 2: Pictures: a kiss; a sweet; a card; red; a rose; purple; a heart; pink;

Row 1: sweets, hearts, cards, red, pink, love, kisses, roses, purple 

Row 2: love, purple, roses, kisses, hearts, sweets, pink, red, cards

Row 3: red, kisses, pink, purple, roses, cards, hearts, sweets, love

Row 4: kisses, love, red, cards, sweets, pink, purple, hearts, roses

Row 5: cards, sweets, hearts, roses, purple, kisses, red, love, pink

Row 6: pink, roses, purple, love, red, hearts, sweets, cards, kisses

Row 7: hearts, cards, sweets, pink, love, purple, roses, kisses, red

Row 8: roses, pink, love, sweets, kisses, red, cards, purple, hearts

Row 9: purple, red, kisses, hearts, cards, roses, love, pink, sweets

TASK 3: location, device, lock, delete, app, antivirus, photos, password



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