April Gate Solutions

02. 05. 2022
April Gate Solutions


Shawn Mendes, pp. 10–11: Possible answers: 1 change, 2 yourself, 3 look, 4 give, 5 look, 6 thoughts, 7 special, strong, 8 unique, special

UK Road Trip, Scotland, pp. 12–13: 1 F, she stays in Holyroodhouse, 2 T, 3 F – it is a block of sandstone used in coronations, 4 F – it was built to remember a loyal dog, 5 F – it can take 14 days to drive, 6 F – 227m deep, 7 F – it has seawater and fresh water in it

Who are the… Scottish?, pp. 14–15 CD Part 1: 1 at the end of the 13th century, 2 Catholic supporters of King James II, 3 by making it a crime to wear traditional highland clothing like the kilt or play the bagpipes. CD Part 2: Around 60,000 people, mostly in the western islands, 2 similar to English, spoken by people in the Lowlands, 3 aye – yes, bairns – children, tattie – potato. CD Part 3: from a tradition of choosing the strongest men to be soldiers, 2 A 10kg metal ball is swung around the head and thrown over the shoulder, 3 6 metres long

Name that Plant!, p. 18: 1B, 2A, 3C, 4C, 5A, 6D, 7A