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Santa’s Workshop; pp. 4–5

Task 2: elves; Santa; plane; car, robot, ball; bike; reindeer; presents

Task 3: 1 Santa; 2 doll; 3 present; 4 train; 5 helicopter; 6 plane; 7 robot; 8 elves; 9 bike

Where does Santa live? He lives at the North Pole.

Task 4: 1 car; 2 ball; 3 bike; 4 Christmas tree


Cinderella; pp. 10–12

Task 2: C


The Perfect Christmas Presents; pp. 12–13

Task 2: bike, ball, doll; want: Clara – bike, Darren – doll, Molly – ball; get Clara – doll, Darren – ball, Molly – bike


Let’s Colour!; p. 14

Task 2: Joseph, Mary and Baby Jesus. There are three sheep and one camel.


The Grinch; p. 17

Task: bike, train, doll, stocking, ball, plane, robot, helicopter, sweater, plum, roller skates, present, toys; Who-ville; Cindy-Lou Who.; The Grinch has a dog and its name’s Max.


A Minecraft Christmas; p. 18

Task: tree; green; red; under; dog; one; three; table; cat; blue

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