Let’s Make a Snowman; pp. 4–5

Task 2: What is the snowman wearing? He’s / It’s wearing a black hat and a red-and-orange scarf.

Task 3: boots; snowman; scarf; jacket; gloves; trousers; shoes; sweater; snow; hat

Your Story; pp. 6–7

Task 4: Hi! I’m Sam and I’m an alien. My favourite colour is green. My planet is green, my house is green and my bed is green. My pet is a zebra. Yes, it’s green, too. Today is Wednesday. That’s my favourite day. It’s eleven o’clock. Time for a picnic. Outside it’s snowing. I like it. On my planet, the snow is also green. I put on my green skirt, green jacket and green hat. Now, I can go skateboarding with my friends.

My Magic Spell Book; p. 8

Task 2: Peter’s gloves are on his hands. Now he’s wearing fruity jams.

Martha’s shoes are on her feet. Now she’s wearing luncheon meat.

Tom’s sweater is on his chest. Now he’s wearing chicken breast.

Let’s Go Skiing; pp. 12–13

Task 2: 1B; 2A, B; 3B

Winter Sports; p. 14

Do you know this winter sport?


Mario Kart 8; pp. 15–16

Mario: He’s a man. His kart is red; Luigi: He’s a man. His kart is green; Peach: She’s a woman. Her kart is pink; Daisy: She’s a woman. Her kart is yellow; Yoshi: He’s a dinosaur. His kart is green; Donkey Kong: He’s a gorilla. His kart is black.

Puzzles; pp. 16–17

Task 1: Across: 5 hat; 6 jacket; 9 scarf; 10 trousers; 11 scarf; 13 hat; 14 sweater; 16 boots; 17 scarf

Down: 1 trousers; 2 gloves; 3 boots; 4 scarf; 6 jacket; 7 hat; 8 boots; 12 jacket; 15 gloves

Task 2: Polynesia is a parrot; Yoshi is a polar bear; Betsy is a giraffe; Plimpton is an ostrich; Jip is a dog; Chee-Chee is a gorilla; Dab-Dab is a duck; Tutu is a fox.

Cambridge YLE Starters; pp. 19–26


Part 2: 1 2; 2 Emma; 3 Mittens; 4 8; 5 Cherry

Part 3: 1C; 2B, 3A

Part 4: 1 The spider in the bag is green. 2 The spider under the bed is blue. 3 The spider under the chair is pink. 4 The spider at the bookshelf is yellow. 5 The spider next to the door is red.

Reading & Writing

Part 1: 1F; 2T; 3T; 4F; 5F

Part 2: 1 yes; 2 no; 3 yes; 4 yes; 5 no

Part 3: 1 chicken; 2 sausage; 3 tomato; 4 chocolate; 5 banana

Part 4: 1 head; 2 fruit; 3 water; 4 house; 5 cats

Part 5: 1 2 / two; 2 girl; 3 playing; 4 teacher; 5 water

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