Dear RR Teachers: Meet Susan Science

06. 09. 2017
Dear RR Teachers: Meet Susan Science

Did you go on an adventure with RR last year? Many of you explored the Land of Awesome with us. Your students met strange and interesting people, helped them with their problems, and even saved the world, all while practicing their English.

We got lots of feedback from you about the Land of Awesome, and this year we’re proud to announce an all-new adventure called The Impossible Portal. Like last year, you’ll get a new mission each month which comes with pre-made lesson plans and materials. However, we’ve made some improvements. The lesson plans should require less class time this year, and some parts of them can even be given as homework rather than done in class. We’ve also made some adjustments to make the materials easier to read and use.

We’re also pleased to introduce Susan Science, the clever young girl who will lead your students on their adventure this year. Aside from being a regular character in the adventures throughout the school year, she will also keep a blog right here on our web site for you and your students to read together. Look for her blog posts each week right here on the front page of the Bridge Publishing House web site.

Aside from writing her blog, Susan will also be answering questions from our readers. We welcome everyone to write to her using her email address: Susan will answer some of your questions in her blog. You can ask questions about the world you’re currently exploring, about science and technology, about English, and even personal questions about Susan herself. You can also send feedback on The Impossible Portal – which parts you and your students liked, didn’t like, found too easy or difficult, or what suggestions you have for improvement. We will read all of your emails, and each week, Susan will choose a few questions to answer.

We can’t wait to start this new adventure with you. See you soon in Sci-Labs!