01. 02. 2022


The Stories Behind Christmas Traditions, p. 4: 1C, 2C, 3B, 4A

Arthur, the Basics, p. 7: 1 of, 2 with, 3 When, 4 put, 5 sword, 6 who, 7 should, 8 as, 9 by, 10 says

Listening task, p. 7: Sir Gawain stays at the Green Knight’s castle (although he doesn’t know it belongs to him). He receives kisses from
the lady of the castle and in return kisses the lord of the castle (the Green Knight in disguise) when he asks what he ‘caught’. When the lady
gives Sir Gawain a belt that she says will keep him safe from the Green Knight, he does not tell the lord of the castle about it. The Green
Knight reveals himself as the lord of the castle and swings his axe three times at the neck of Sir Gawain, cutting him on the final swing. The
Green Knight tells Sir Gawain he swung three times and cut him on the third swing because he lied. Sir Gawain returns to Camelot wearing
the Green Knight’s belt as a reminder that he is not a perfect knight.

Who are the… Canadians?, pp. 8–9
Listening part 1: 1 Men, 2 Mixed bloods, 3 They are Canada’s third major indigenous group.
Listening part 2: 1 Hundreds of thousands, 2 Change them to farmland, 3 Wood, 4 Macedonians, Russians, Finns, Chinese
Listening part 3: 1 Very bad discrimination and poverty, 2 Anti-immigrant feeling, 3 Modern Canada’s friendly, welcoming reputation

UK Road Trip: The Midlands, p. 13: 1T, 2F (1068), 3F (more canals), 4F (6 tonnes), 5T

The Black Country Museum, p. 13: 1 The Black Country Museum is a specially built village full of reconstructed historical buildings that show what life was like here roughly between 1850 and 1950. 2 Interesting facts could include: Actors play the roles of shopkeepers, blacksmiths and other villagers. You can buy sweets from a traditional sweetshop, visit a funfair with historical rides and even buy some fish and chips cooked in the oldfashioned way. You can see what a school was like back then. You can visit metalworking workshops. You can take a ride on a historical tram. Lots of scenes from the BBC series Peaky Blinders have been filmed here.

The Attack on Pearl Harbor, p. 14: Possible titles: A: Japan Before the War, The Lead-up to the Attack, Why Japan Attacked, B: Admiral Yamamoto’s Plan, The Plan, C: A Sneak Attack, An Unexpected Attack, America Off-Guard, D: A Successful Attack? Two Waves, A Deadly Attack, E: The Results, The US Enters the War, Declaration of War

Grammar Trouble: Irregular Verbs, p. 19: No Changes: cut, put, let, shut, hit, cost, hurt, bet, set, spread, quit
Past Simple and Past Participle the Same: keep, build, sell, feel, lose, have, get (BrE), make, send, meet, teach, catch, hear, pay, say, spend, think, sit, understand, find, shoot, fight, stand
All Change (past participle ends in -n): write, bite, blow, know, eat, fall, fly, get (AmE), grow, show, ride, forget, speak, steal, choose, see,
take, throw, break, draw, wear
All Change (I-A-U): begin, sing, swim, sink, drink, ring
Base Form and Past Participle the Same: become, come, run
The one verb that goes into two groups is get-got-got/gotten.
Question at the end of the article: one common verb that has the same base form and past simple, but a different past participle is beat
beat beaten.