01. 03. 2023


The solutions to the maturita exercises will be published here in April.

The Wonders of Washington
to have something impressive / to have something to be proud of
busy / lively / full of busy activity / full of busy people
someone who sells fish / a person who sells fish / a fish-seller
cup of coffee
go/come/move in large numbers
famous / well‑known

They Changed the World
to, to, that, was, of, up, until, was, for / meaning, 10 than, 11 get / have / receive, / earn, 12 as, 13 her, 14 in / within, 15 for, 16 in, 17 was, 18 had, 19 had / got, 20 which, 21 were, 22 who, 23 with, 24 to

All the Action
fallen apart (meaning A)
true to the spirit of (B)
carry out (A)
sets it apart (B)
banter (A)
psychic (B)
franchise (B)
live up to (A)
plot twists (B)

The Puzzler
pepper, bacon, plate, mushroom, sausage, butter, tomato, beans, marmalade, 10 toast
travel overseas, try to understand, apple pie
We’re no strangers to love / You know the rules and so do I; song: “Never Gonna Give You Up” by Rick Astley
Thames, shaman, Bahamas, ashamed; missing word: HAM
gloves, Slovenia, pullover, clover; missing word: LOVE

Task 1: C
Two statements (4 and 5)
A Tale of Two Pranks
Define It – sample answers:
it doesn’t sound familiar / you are not familiar with it / you have never heard about it
becomes popular / becomes fashionable / spreads
becomes known / is revealed
Fix the Mistakes
has been made > was made; 2020 > 2022
splitted > split; before > after
uploaded in > uploaded to; by a teacher > by a student / by students
newspaper > newspapers; kettle > toaster



Conan Gray, pp. 6–7: 1 his bedroom, 2 left his dream school, 3 the new prince of sad pop and one of the singer-songwriter voices of Generation Z, 4 someone he was in love with at high school who ended up destroying him, 5 so much love and safety, 6 a fan and not an idol, 7 are big influences on him

The Most Instagrammable Places in South Africa, pp. 8–9: CD Part 1: 1 Wild Coast, 2 hills, 3 climbing, 4 island, 5 opening, 6 waves, 7 was formed; Story Questions: 1 a man of the sea people and a Xhosa woman, 2 a giant fish; CD Part 2: 1 593m, 2 Atlantic Ocean, 3 1915, 4 1922, 5 views, 6 9km, 7 whale; Bonus Question: the Cape Town Cycle Tour and the Two Oceans Marathon

Doing Things the South African Way, pp. 10–11: 1 now now and just now, immediately, in the near future, 2 cooking over an open fire, part of South African national identity, 3 water and electricity shortages, truly appreciate what they have and not be wasteful, 4 tied, kind interactions, etc.

Vitamins from A–K, pp. 12–13: 1 B9, 2 B7, 3 B2, 4 B5, B9, B12, 5 B5, 6 B3, 7 B6, 8 B12

The Super Senses of our Animal Friends, pp. 16–17: Catfish: They are able to use their sense of taste to explore and find food. Bees: They can see ultraviolet markings on flowers to find pollen and nectar. Dogs: Some dogs are able to use their sense of smell to track people for great distances (like bloodhounds) Manatees: They can explore and find food by using sensitive hairs on their face. Bats: Bats are able to use echolocation to locate objects and animals nearby. Birds: Birds can see ultraviolet light which helps them see food and mates.

The Antique Art of Tarot, p. 21: 1 The Sun, 2 Death, 3 The Hanged Man, 4 The Magician, 5 The Empress

How Real is BeReal?, pp. 22–23: 1 notification, 2 privacy, 3 post, 4 photo editing, 5 share, 6 respond, 7 follower counts, 8 messages

Black Inventors pp. 24–25, Task 1: 1 know, 2 would happen, 3 went, 4 couldn’t, 5 was driving, 6 realized, 7 designed, 8 use, 9 have saved; Task 2: 1 they only had two lights, red and green, 2 elevator doors opening between floors, 3 it included the effects of things like the rotation of the Earth and the tides and gave each location on the Earth’s surface an exact code. It became the basis of GPS, 4 he nearly burned his family’s house down, 5 the Nerf gun, 6 a math teacher, 7 hundreds every year, 8 an improved sewing machine, the gas mask.

Jobs and Studying English 101, pp. 26–27, Task 1: 1B, 2B, 3A, 4C, 5A, 6C, 7A, 8B, 9A, 10C; Task 3: 1 butcher, 2 lawyer, 3 firefighter, 4 nurse, 5 mechanic, 6 physiotherapist; Task 4: Studying: postgraduate, essay, lecture, coursework, seminar, undergraduate. Working: curriculum vitae, wage, bonus, salary, commission, flexi-time

LanguageCert A2, pp. 30–31: Listening Part 1: 1C, 2A, 3C, 4B, 5C, 6B, 7C; Part 2: 1A, 2C, 3B, 4C, 5B, 6C, 7A; Part 3: 1B, 2C, 3A, 4C, 5A, 6C; Part 4: 1 (Saturday’s) party, 2 (the) park, 3 football, 4 sandwiches, 5 juice, 6 2/ two (pm); Reading Part 1: 1B, 2B, 3A, 4C, 5C, 6A; Part 2: 1G, 2A, 3F, 4D, 5B, 6C; Part 3: 1C, 2A, 3C, 4D, 5A, 6C, 7D



At the Hospital, pp. 4–5
TASK 1: A 
Dr Brown; Mrs White; Anne’s Foot
TASK 2: 1 doctor; nurse; bandage; eye; ear; nose; mouth; hair; moustache; 10 beard; 11 neck; 12 shoulder; 13 arm; 14 hand; 15 back; 16 leg; 17 foot
TASK 3: In the puzzle: eye, nose, mouth, beard, shoulder, head, leg, moustache;
The Answer: Your legs.
TASK 4: 1 You can buy medicine at a chemist’s. 2 dentist can help you when you have toothache. 3 When you eat bad food you get a stomach ache. 4 I have a bad cold. I have a cough and a headache.

Brexit: Britain on its Own, p. 6
T; 2T; 3T; 4F; 5F

It’s Valentine’s Day in America, p. 7
TASK: 1 
Let’s taco-bout how cool you are. = Let’s talk about how cool you are. Doughnut you know I love you? = Don’t you know I love you? Yoda best! = You’re the best! I love you cherry much. = I love you very much. No-bunny is like you. = Nobody is like you.

What Are You Listening To? pp. 8–9
TASK 1: Positive statements: 
someone who is listening to the same music as you; he’s listening to rap; I’m listening to RobTop; People say they are listening to very strange things; Negative statements: people aren’t listening to music; he isn’t listening to rap; Questions: What are you listening to? What is he listening to? Is this teenage goth girl listening to She Past Away? What song are you listening to? What are you listening to?
TASK 2: 1 What is she doing? She is climbing; What are the kids doing? The kids are playing street hockey; What is your / my grandpa doing? My grandpa is playing a racing game; What are the kids doing? The kids are running a race.

Safer Internet Day, p. 10
TASK: 1 
people, restaurant; pictures; hurt, years; talk

The Queen of Crime: Agatha Christie: p. 11
E; 2G; 3C; 4A; 5D; 6F; 7B

Awesome Australia: Super Lady Looks for Superlatives, pp 14–15
TASK 1: 2 
Sydney; 5.2 million people; Canberra; Anthony Albanese
TASK 2: 1 The Great Barrier Reef; the Outback; Canberra; Sydney: northern Australia; the Outback

Animals in Danger, pp. 16–17
TASK 1: 1 
ugliest; never; sick; dark; close to; die

Back to Middle-earth, pp. 18–19
TASK: 1 
dwarf; elf; younger; feet; love; Tolkien’s middle name: Reuel

Biathlon, pp. 20–21
TASK: 1 
sprint; rifle; youth; laser; soldier; skill; Name of the first biathlon club: Trysil Rifle and Ski Club

“The Rainbow Snake”, pp. 22–23
TASK 1: 1 
slept; woke up; came; made; began; went
TASK 2: words: rainbow, crocodile, koala, waterhole; Another word for snake: serpent

Fat, Sleepy and Safe!, p. 24
TASK 2: 
frog, bat, squirrel, hedgehog, snake, turtle, bee, snail

A Very Presidential Quiz, p. 25
TASK 1: 1
D; 2A and D; 3C; 4B

Two Truths and a Lie, pp. 26–27
TASK 1: 
Story 2, “I Love you… Not!” is fake. TASK 2: 1 driving – landing; laugh –shout; was – wasn’t; zoo – wild; boat – plane

Ready A1 Practice Test, pp. 28–33
Listening Part 3: 
her sister – H, her son – E, her cousin – C, her brother – A, her aunt – G
Reading & Writing Part 2: 1A; 2C; 3B; 4A; 5B; 6A
Reading & Writing Part 3: 1 sports centre; boat; excited; shouted; water
Reading & Writing Part 5: 1 new school clothes; school bag; sky at night; in the football team / football; brown; three

Puzzles, pp. 34–35
TASK 1: 1 
nose; ear; eye; mouth; neck; arm; hand; leg; foot; 10 hair; 11 shoulder; 12 stomach; The Message: One apple in the morning, some sport in the afternoon, no computer games in the evening.
TASK 2: mask, beads, jester, float



Let’s Build a Snowman; pp. 4–5

Task 1: arm – 2, body – 1, ear – 8, eye – 9, face – 7, foot – 5, hair – 12, hand – 3, head – 6, leg – 4, mouth – 11, nose – 10

Task 2: hair, ear, head, nose, eye, face, hand, arm, foot; The Answer: Water.

Task 3: 1 five; 2 carrot; long; eyes; 5 feet; happy; The snowman’s name: Frosty

Task 4: 1b; 2d; 3a; 4c


Grammar Zone; pp. 8–9

Task 1: 1 John has got a spider; Suzy has got a dog; Jane and Cindy have got a cat; 4 Charles has got a bird; Judy has not / hasn’t got a pet.

Task 2:

Max: Hello. I want a new pet, please.

Clerk: Hello. I ’ve got many fish. Do you want a fish? 

Max: haven’t got any fish at home, but I do not want a fish. Fish are not fun!

Clerk: OK. I ’ve got a lizard. 

Max: No thank you. My brother ’s got two lizards already. 

Clerk: Then maybe a mouse? I ’ve got mice.

Max: No. I don’t like mice. 

Clerk: I see. I ’ve got a long, green snake. Snakes eat mice. Do you want it?

Max: No, I do not want a snake. My brother’s got a snake, too. Have you got dogs? 

Clerk: Sorry, no. We haven’t got dogs here. We only have small pets.


Australia; pp. 10–11

Task 1: clockwise: crocodile, spider, snake 1 didgeridoo; boomerang; 3 snake

Task 2: left to right: sausage, fish, meat

Task 3: (correct wordsoval; short; players, Australian Football; 4 round, game


Morty’s Valentine’s Day; pp. 12–13

Task 2: (order can varyJack gets Valentine’s Day cards; Morty gets chocolates; Morty’s teacher gets a teddy bear and a daisy.


“The Mitten”; pp. 14–15

Task 2: first – mouse, second – rabbit, third – fox, fourth – wolf, fifth – bear

Task 3: 2 The rabbit is second; The fox is third; The wolf is fourth; The bear is fifth.


Let’s Colour; p. 17

There are four small pictures: a pink-and-purple jellyfish, planet, spaceship and telescope. You can see a blue silhouette of a female face in the background. The rest of the background is purple.  


Play A0–A1 Practice Test; pp. 18–23

Listening Part 1; p. 18

Task: Alex is the boy with short brown hair who is reading a book and sitting next to the computer. Jill is the girl with blond hair who is sitting on the desk eating an apple. Sam is the boy with grey trousers who is standing next to the desk and holding something yellow. Alice is the girl with brown hair and who is wearing glasses. Alice is talking to the boy in the blue t-shirt. Mark is the boy with blond hair who is drawing on the board.

Listening Part 2; p. 19

Task: 1 Young; three; Grace; 4 two; 5 White

Reading and Writing Part 1; p. 20

Task: 1x; tick; 3 x: x; 5 tick       

Reading and Writing Part 2; p. 21

Task: 1 yes; no; yes; 4 yes; no

Reading and Writing Part 3; p. 22

Task: 1 carrot; lemon; 3 chocolate; juice; watermelon

Reading and Writing Part 4; p 23

Task: 1 colours; 2 tail; meat; 4 zoo; 5 night


Happy Valentine’s Day; p. 24

Task: wheels left to right: chocolates, balloon, rose, teddy bear, card; blanks: chocolates, teddy bear, rose, card


The Body Puzzle; p. 25

foot; eye; body; mouth; 5 hair; arm; head; ear; hand; 10 nose; 11 face; 12 leg


The Amazing Maurice; p. 26

Task: rats’ names, left to right: Peaches, Sardines, Dangerous Beans


Look and Talk; pp. 27–28

Task 2: The friends are making a snowman on a beach.

A cat is swimming in the sea.

Morty is making the snowman’s body with a beach ball.

The snowman’s nose is a banana.

Sandy is putting glasses on the snowman’s face.

Jack is not wearing his shoes.

There’s a crocodile in the tree.

The bird is wearing a baseball cap.