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Summer Holidays Are Coming!; pp. 4–5
TASK 1: 1 suitcase; 2 passport; 3 ticket; 4 swimsuit; 5 hat; 6 sun cream; 7  sand; 8 cap; 9 sunglasses; 10 sea; 11 tent; 12 campfire; 13 sleeping bag; 14 camera; 15 rucksack
TASK 2: Picture A : At the Airport; Picture B: On the Beach; Picture C: At a Campsite
TASK 3: 1 summer; 2 sand; 3 sea; 4 sunglasses; 5 suitcase; 6 swimsuit;
7 sleeping bag; 8 sun cream; 9 passport; 10 rucksack; 11 holidays
The Answer: A hot dog!

Summer Is Here!; pp. 6–7
TASK 1: 1D; 2B; 3A; 4C; 5F; 6E; 7H; 8G
TASK 2: 1 summer; 2 aren’t; 3 friends; 4 volleyball

Transport; p. 9
TASK 1: taxi; plane; car; bus; motorbike; bike; train; helicopter
TASK 2: 1 bus; 2 plane; 3 bike; 4 boat; 5 motorbike; 6 train; 7 tram;
8 underground
TASK 3: 1 where; 2 waiting; 3 by; 4 sat; 5 went; 6 to; 7 how; 8 by; 9 walking; 10 holiday

The End of the Trip; pp. 10–11
TASK: 1 WALES: gold, zip-line; 2 SOUTHERN ENGLAND: surfing,
rainforest; 3 DUBLIN: shopping, Guinness; 4 LONDON: London Eye,
Buckingham Palace; 5 SCOTLAND: skiing, dolphins; 6 THE CAYMAN ISLANDS: snorkelling, kayaking; 7 NORTHERN IRELAND: Titanic, archery; 8 NORTHERN ENGLAND: football match, roller coaster

Royal Summer Parties, pp. 12–13
TASK: Queen Elizabeth II; Prince Philip; Prince Charles; Prince William;
Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge; Prince Harry; Meghan Markle; Prince
George; Princess Charlotte; a royal baby to be born soon

Say Thank You on Mother’s Day, pp. 16–17
TASK 1: 1 Mother’s Day; 2 chores; 3 May; 4 picnic; 5 make; 6 Sunday;
7 flowers; 8 mum
TASK 2: My mum is really great
She’s sweet as she can be
When I need some help, I know
She’s always there for me
Mum loves me all the time
Even when I’m a pest
She always takes good care of me
My mother is the best

The Incredibles: A Super Funny Family; pp. 18–19
TASK: 1c; 2f; 3b; 4e; 5g; 6a; 7d
Parkour; pp. 20–21
TASK: 1 To become strong and useful; 2 I’m not fearless, but I try to face my fears.

Which Animal Groups Do You Know?; pp. 22–23
TASK 1: 1 amphibians; 2 reptiles; 3 insects; 4 fish; 5 marsupials; 6 birds;
7 mammals
TASK 2: 1B; 2C; 3C; 4A; 5D; 6A; 7B
Kids Can Code; pp. 24–25
TASK: The code writes the words “Hello, World!” on the screen (= obrazovka).

The Impossible Portal; pp. 26–27
TASK 2: 1 toys (The Megahouse); 2 machine (Crazy Weather World);
3 school (Sci-Labs); 4 red (Wildwood); 5 friend (Monster World); 6 play
(Sofatopia); 7 teach (Do What You Want World)

LanguageCert Owl Exam (A2); pp. 28–30
Listening Part 2: 1c; 2a; 3b; 4c; 5c
Listening Part 4: Home: Feed (1), cat (1); Market: buy/get eggs (1) and butter (1); Library: return/take back (1), (Mum’s) books (1); Post Office: buy 20 (1) stamps (1); Newspaper shop: get/buy (1) (Mum’s) magazine (1)

Puzzle Time, pp. 31–33
Holly Parker, to visit grandparents, Colorado
Dave Warner, hiking, France
Cindy Zwicker, beach, Spain
Bruce Rourke, to visit a theme park, Florida
TASK 2: 1 bus; 2 train; 3 boat; 4 bike; 5 car; 6 plane
A Joke for the Beach: A fsh!
TASK 3: 1 I am made of cloth; 2 Campers use me; 3 A person can sleep
in me; 4 I am not a tent.
What Am I? A sleeping bag.
TASK 4: glue; pen; rubber; ruler; board; ghost; witch; skeleton; trousers; coat; sweater; gloves; jacket; cucumber; turkey; pears; cheese; tomatoes;
bathroom; kitchen; wardrobe; fridge; shower; kitten; sheep; chicken; horse;
rabbit; swimming; skiing; ice hockey; cycling; hiking; suitcase; sun; rucksack;
tent; sand
The Answer: The woman is from Australia, where the three hottest
summer months are December, January and February. The three coldest winter months are June, July and August, when it is summer in the Czech Republic. 

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