RR October 2019


Další soubory dostupné po přihlášení

My Body; pp. 4–5                              TASK 1:
You can’t match these two words: beard, moustache
Which parts of Perzil’s and Yo-Yee’s body and face aren’t human?: teeth, ears
The Face: mouth / moustache; nose; ear / eye; ear / eye; tooth; mouth / moustache
The Body: shoulder / stomach; back; neck; shoulder / stomach; arm; feet
The Answer: Your legs.
1 I thought I saw a monster
Underneath my bed
His nose was yellow
And his eyes were red

2 I thought I saw a monster
Underneath my chair
His face was purple
And he had pink hair

3 I thought I saw a monster
In my room last night
His legs were orange
And his feet were white

4 I thought I saw a monster
And that he saw me
But don’t tell my mother
She’ll be scared, you see

Diwali and Halloween; pp. 6–7
How many Hindus are there around the world? B (more than) one billion
Halloween words: candy, (lights), ghost, pumpkin, monster, costume, jack-o’-lantern;
Diwali words: fireworks, candy, lights, rangoli, mithai
The Joke:
Question: Why do witches ride on brooms?
Answer: Because vacuum cleaners are too expensive.

What Do They Look Like?; p. 9
Becky, Sarah, this boy is not mentioned in the conversation, Tom
Who is Mr Thompson? He’s a (science) teacher.
What does Mr Thompson look like? He’s tall and blond. He’s got a moustache under his nose.
TASK 2: A do; B hair; C nose; D has; E stomach; F is; G How many

Around the World; pp. 10–11
TASK 1: 1a; 2c; 3b; 4c; 5a; 6c; 7b
TASK 2: Sydney; barbie; Uluru; outback; outback; continent; wombat; snakes

Let’s Chat!; p. 13
TASK: 1C; 2E; 3G; 4I; 5A; 6H; 7D; 8F; 9B

Kangaroos; pp. 16–17
Are kangaroos good at boxing? Yes, they are.
TASK 1: 1F (The joey comes out of the mother’s pouch for the first time when it’s six months old.); 2T; 3T
TASK 2: Class: a marsupial; Habitat: grassy plains, forests, savannahs, deserts and other areas; Food: a herbivore; Size: around 1.5 metres, 2 metres (including the tail); Weight: up to 90 kg; Speed: up to 70 kph; Good Sense of: hearing; Hibernation: no; Lifespan: up to 20 years

Pokémon Sword and Shield; pp. 18–19
TASK: 1 151; 2 122; 3 1000; 4 8; 5 18

Kids Like Us; pp. 20–21
TASK: 1 older>younger; 2 film>play; 3 what to do>what not to do; 4 drums>piano; 5 going to the cinema>going for walks outside

Simple Science Questions; p. 22
TASK: 1 hairy; 2 warmer; 3 fluffy; 4 push

The Mystery of the Haunted Theatre; p. 23
1 paint; 2 footprints; 3 boots

5 Seconds of Summer; pp. 24–25
Where are 5SOS from? They are from Sydney, Australia.
1 summer; 2 sounds; 3 world; 4 get; 5 getaway; 6 favourite; 7 world

Cambridge YLE Movers; pp. 26–32
Listening Part 1:
1 Jane – the girl playing the piano
2 Lucy – the girl in the purple dress listening to the music
3 Zoe – the girl with a nice camera
4 Sue – the girl sitting at the table eating a burger
5 Peter – the boy standing by the tables, holding a skateboard
Listening Part 2: 1 Pocket; 2 weekend; 3 play; 4 sheep; 5 three
Reading & Writing Part 1: 1 a scarf; 2 a laptop; 3 a dentist; 4 ice skates; 5 an email
Reading & Writing Part 2: 1A; 2C; 3B; 4B; 5A; 6C
Reading & Writing Part 3: 1 climbed; 2 café; 3 coffee; 4 tall; 5 comic; 6 Dad’s great idea

Puzzle Time; pp. 33–34

Row 1: skeleton mummy pumpkin ghost witch sweets spider candle bat
Row 2: ghost sweets spider bat candle pumpkin mummy skeleton witch
Row 3: witch bat candle skeleton mummy spider pumpkin sweets ghost
Row 4: pumpkin skeleton ghost witch spider bat candle mummy sweets
Row 5: sweets candle mummy pumpkin ghost skeleton bat witch spider
Row 6: spider witch bat candle sweets mummy ghost pumpkin skeleton
Row 7: bat ghost witch mummy skeleton candle sweets spider pumpkin
Row 8: candle pumpkin sweets spider bat witch skeleton ghost mummy
Row 9: mummy spider skeleton sweets pumpkin ghost witch bat candle

TASK 2: 1 Olivia; 2 Brennan; 3 Sarah; 4 Anna; 5 David; 6 Sean
TASK 3: 1 joey; 2 pouch; 3 insects; 4 mob; 5 danger; 6 fast; 7 speed; 8 fight; 9 opponent