Susan’s Blog: Finding the Code

23. 10. 2017
Susan’s Blog: Finding the Code

FIT gave us some more puzzles to get the code to open the Impossible Portal again. My friends and I are working to solve the puzzles now. They’re very difficult.

Sometimes I wish FIT could just give us the code. It’s a lot of work to solve these puzzles. I have to remember that doing difficult things is good for your brain. When you exercise your muscles by lifting something heavy, your muscles get bigger and stronger. And when you exercise your brain with difficult things, your brain gets stronger and faster! I have to say thank you to FIT for giving my brain so much exercise.

Okay, time to go solve all these puzzles! Don’t forget to write me an email if you have anything to ask or tell me. I love reading your messages! My email address is:

See you next week!