Susan’s Blog: The Missing Monster

09. 10. 2017
Susan’s Blog: The Missing Monster

FIT says we can find fuel for the Impossible Portal on this planet. It’s called Monster Mush. The people here eat it. The people here are all monsters!

We walked to the monster town together. I saw the monster people for the first time. I was so scared! They are very ugly. Their skin and hair are different colours, like green and orange. They have ugly voices. Yuck! I looked at them and I thought: “These must be bad people. Ugly people like this have to be bad, just like in flims and on TV.”

But I was wrong! It was a big mistake to think that. These monster people are very nice. They are nice to me and they are nice to my friends. They look very different from me, but that doesn’t mean they are bad. They are just people like us.

One of them, Borgalorg, is looking for his friend Dimatex. We are helping him look for her. Then he’ll give us some Monster Mush for the Impossible Portal.

Do you know anyone who looks very different from you? Are they nice, too? Write me an email and tell me about it! Or you can ask me a question, or write anything you want. My email address is:

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