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What Are They Wearing?; pp. 4–5
TASK 1: Box A: boots, dress, sunglasses, gloves, scarf, shoes, skirt, socks, weater, swimsuit, trousers, T-shirt; Box B: coat, hat, jacket, jeans, shirt, shorts
TASK 2: jacket; dress; shorts; trousers; jeans; shoes; T-shirt; boots; gloves; skirt; sweater; coat; scarf; socks; shirt; A Joke: What happens when you throw a white hat into the Black Sea? It gets wet.

Earth Day and the Environment; pp. 6–7
TASK (Sample Answers): 1 She doesn’t buy a lot of new clothes. She can go by car less / not eat so much meat / stop buying plastic bottles and bags every day / use less electricity / use less heat. 2 He goes to school by bike / got vegan food at his school. He can take shorter showers / wash the car less. 3 He buys second-hand clothes / eats local food. He can go less by plane.

Let’s Go Shopping; p. 9
TASK 1: Yo-Yee – a T-shirt; Perzil – a pair of shorts; Lucy – sunglasses
TASK 2: 1 clothes; 2 buy; 3 you; 4 What; 5 Can; 6 are; 7 you; 8 It’s

Around the World; pp. 10–11
TASK 1: 1c; 2a; 3b; 4c; 5c; 6a
TASK 2: 1 hamburgers, hot dogs, pizza; 2 New York (City), Los Angeles; 3 California, Florida; 4 national park; 5 fourth, July

Bald Eagles; pp. 12–13
How fast can bald eagles fly? B) over 150 kph
TASK: 1F; 2T; 3T

Minecraft Dungeons; p. 17
TASK: 1B; 2D; 3A; 4E; 5C

Easter Around the World; pp. 18–19
TASK 1: 4; 2; 6; 1; 5; 3
TASK 2: 1 Germany; 2 the US; 3 Australia; 4 the Czech Republic and Slovakia; 5 the UK

Kids Like Us; pp. 20–21
TASK: A England; B snowboarding; C Jake Hill; D Overwatch; E English class; F Czech; Nick’s sister’s name: Amálie

Use Science this April Fools’ Day; p. 22
TASK: 1a; 2c; 3b; 4b; 5c

The Mystery of the Haunted Theatre; p. 23
Dear Detective,
The businessman who wants to buy my theatre sent me another message. I don’t know if it’s important, but maybe it will help. I hope so. Thank you for finding the truth.
Dear Ms Mirren,
I read in the newspaper today that the ghost hurt you! Please, Ms Mirren, you have to understand that your theatre isn’t safe any more. The best thing you can do is sell it to me. I only want to help you. Please think about it. I am still ready to pay you a lot of money for the theatre. I know you need it. Samuel Butterworth
TASK 2: 1 Beverly Mirren, to keep her theatre / for more people to come to the theatre / to find out the truth / to stop the journalist. 2 Jessica Butterworth, to tell everyone that there is a ghost in the theatre / to scare everyone. 3 Samuel Butterworth, to buy the theatre / to build a shopping centre.

Billie Eilish; pp. 24–25
What’s Billie’s pet animal? C) a spider
TASK: 1 here; 2 years; 3 near; 4 fear; 5 alone; 6 stone; 7 bone; 8 home

Cambridge YLE Movers Practice Exam; pp. 26–29
Listening Part 4: 1C; 2A; 3B; 4C; 5A
Listening Part 5: The kitten on the girl’s shoulder is yellow. The big plate on the blanket is blue. The snail on the rock is brown. The student writes “Country” on the farm sign. The leaf in the bird’s mouth is purple.
Reading & Writing Part 6: 1 trousers; 2 yellow; 3 She’s eating an apple. 4 They are behind / in / outside the window. 5–6 (Sample Answers): The boy with the purple sweater is reading a book. The girl with long brown hair is writing on the board. There’s an English book next to the pencil case. There’s a blue book on the floor.

Puzzle Time; pp. 33–35
TASK 1: 1 shorts; 2 T-shirt; 3 jacket; 4 socks; 5 boots; 6 shoes; 7 coat; 8 jeans; 9 sweater; 10 skirt; 11 hat; 12 trousers; 13 (sun)glasses; 14 gloves; 15 swimsuit; 16 dress; 17 scarf; 18 shirt; 19 to wear; 20 clothes; 21 cap; 22 bag;
What am I? When reading Harry Potter; I’m socks.
TASK 2: 1 Ella > Olivia; 2 Ryan > Logan; 3 Natalie > Nathan
TASK 3: 1 Easter duck and Easter chick; 2 Easter eggs with chocolate thick; 3 Easter hats for one and all; 4 Easter Bunny makes a call; 5 Happy Easter always brings; 6 Such a lot of pleasant things
TASK 4: A rubbish; B vegan; C eco-friendly; D to be green; E recycle; F climate change; G the environment

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