17. 01. 2022

Lucy Needs a New Phone; pp. 4–5
TASK 2: a smartphone
TASK 3: You’re cool, man.

Gaming For Good; pp. 8–9
TASK: want-wanted; call-called; love-loved; decide-decided; stream-streamed; raise-raised; play-played

The Race to the South Pole; p. 11
Who got to the South Pole first? b
TASK: 1 leader; 2 sledges; 3 skiing; 4 tent; 5 frostbite

Our Country: Canada; pp. 12–13
TASK 1: Canada; Ottawa; English, French; Ontario, Quebec, Alberta; Yukon
TASK 2: 1 Nunavut; 2 Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba; 3 New Brunswick; 4 Nova Scotia; 5 Northwest Territories; 6 Quebec; 7 Newfoundland and Labrador; 8 Ontario; 9 Prince Edward Island; 10 British Colombia; 11 Yukon

Animals Around You: Going to Bed; p. 14
TASK 1: A T; B F

Spider-Man No Way Home; p. 15
How many Spider-Man films has Tom Holland starred in? 3
TASK: What does Spider-Man do at work? He watches webinars; What is Spider-man’s ideal job? Web developer; How does Spider-Man search the internet? With a web browser; What does Spider-Man call his pet pig? Peter Porker (Parker); What is Spider-Man’s favourite day of the week? Webs-day (Wednesday); What’s Spider-Man’s favourite class at the gym? Spinning class.

Meet Your Heroes; p. 16
TASK: 1 archery, arts; 2 Captain, Avengers; 3 heroes; 4 Hawkeye, powers; 5 secret; 6 teenagers, school; Everyone should try it.

Escape Room: Happy New Year; p. 17
TASK 1: A tattoo; B wrap; C flag; D monitor; E presents; F wild; G laptop; H mince; I nocturnal; J Santa; transition

Puzzle Time; pp. 18–19
TASK 1: DOWN a smartphone; b keyboard; c laptop; e plug; i monitor; k lamp; l headphones; n sofa; ACROSS d cable; f tablet; g charger; h mouse; j television; m camera; n shop; o computer; p earbuds; In the dictionary.
TASK 2: Martin: a dog; Lizzie: a camera; Joel: a jacket; Pearl: a cat; Timmy: a kite; Cleo: a toy sword