03. 04. 2022


Time’s Up CD Task, p. 5: 1 Slow Clock, new ways of thinking about the future; 2 Losing Time, banning time; 3 Time’s Arrow, time’s direction; 4 Day Hacking, spending time underground with no clocks; 5 Which Week Is It?, different calendars

Google Project X Task, pp. 8–9: Glass: Project goal: to allow users to access information hands-free. Achieved how? By developing a computer than can be clipped to glasses or goggles to display information, controlled by voice commands. Waymo: Project goal: to prevent car accidents caused by human error.Achieved how? By developing self-driving cars.Wing: Project goal: To help deliver goods while lowering traffic and CO2 emissions. Achieved how? By developing an air delivery service using drones. Tidal: Project goal: to feed people from the ocean without further damaging it. Achieved how? By helping fish farmers deal with parasites and pollution using underwater cameras and sensors. Verily: Project goal: to detect diseases earlier and treat them better. Achieved how? By developing nanotechnology that can go inside the body, fighting and detecting disease.

Batman CD Task, pp. 10–11: Val Kilmer: Name of the Film: Batman Forever, Year: 1995, Director: Joel Schumacher. A film that was not as dark as the previous two, but not really as interesting either. It made more money than Batman Returns for the studio. The director and the lead actor were not the best of friends. The director described the actor as childish and impossible.

UK Road Trip, Northern Ireland, pp. 12–13: 1 The Troubles, 2 steps to the sea formed from basalt columns, 3 nine galleries that make up a replica of the ship, 4 Ulster, 5 it’s frequently chilly, 6 it’s wide enough for just one person

Who are the… Irish?, pp. 14–15 CD Part 1: 1 Around 10500BC; 2 monuments, like great stone circles and different kinds of tombs; 3 light from the sun shines through a hole above the tomb’s entrance and lights up the inside; CD Part 2: 1 Mainly around the coast and rivers; 2 Ireland; 3 starting in 1169; CD Part 3: 1 A disease that affected potatoes and made them go bad; 2 they did very little to help, Irish food was still sent to England; 3 a million people died, up to two million emigrated; CD Part 4: 1 There were already many poor people in America’s cities who didn’t want Irish people coming and taking their jobs and bringing disease; 2 hard and dangerous jobs like working in mines and building railways and canals; 3 nearly 10%

Big on TikTok, p. 19: 1 earworm, 2 to hit repeat, 3 to blow up big time, 4 to skyrocket, 5 spoiler alert, 6 to show off