October Magazines – Solutions

02. 11. 2022
October Magazines – Solutions



Maturita B1: 1 05; 2 02; 3 06; 4 01; 5 07; 6 04; X 03

Maturita B2: 01 follow; 02 who/that; 03 fail; 04 different/ separate/opposite; 05 around; 06 being; 07 themselves; 08 each; 09 to; 10 with

Frightful Halloween Idioms
Creeping Me Out: 
A (it refers to insects and similar creatures)
Talking Horror: D (it means to be angry)
Ever So Scared: B (to use fear to achieve a specific effect)
The Living Daylights: B

“Can We Talk?”
significant other; accomplish; Springing (also possible, but not ideal: To spring); eavesdropping; clarifying; defensive; frame; accusations; argument; 10 talking in circles

Big Little Country
B; the Democratic Party; Antony Blinken, also a Democrat
CZECH GOLDEN HANDS: sight, hearing, taste, touch
THE MOST INFAMOUS CZECH: 1 C; would have escaped – this grammar structure is called the third conditional and it is used to talk about things in the past that did not happen and their possible results
BAD BOY ARTIST: 1 A; E.g.: St. Wenceslas riding a dead horse, a man hanging out of a window, two men urinating on a map of the Czech Republic, the Feast of Giants bus stop in Liberec, a red London double-decker bus doing push‑ups, the head of Franz Kafka with rotating parts

Enter the Land of Dreams
duty; labyrinth; siblings; sense; hopelessness; power; contact

Relax and Laugh With Wet Leg
C; 2G; 3A; 4H; 5F; 6E; 7B; 8D
“BEING IN LOVE”: 1 got; giving; punched; sleep; feel; caving; struggling

Through the Eyes of a Machine
1 saguaro cactus, 2 constitution, 3 zombie, 4 trick-or-treating, 5 superheroes, 6 Samhain, 7 meteorite, 8 album, 9 Jack of the lantern, 10 Oregon Trail, 11 executive, 12 radiator, 13 bonfire, 14 phoenix, 15 hippies, 16 spacecraft, 17 Thanksgiving, 18 ACROSS television, 18 DOWN telescope, 19 chaise longue, 20 speakers, 21 musical, 22 announcer, 23 canal, 24 the Sandman, 25 Ferris wheel

B2 Language Practice
Part One: 1
A, 2B, 3C, 4C, 5B
Part Two: 6T, 7F, 8F, 9T, 10T, 11F, 12T, 13T, 14F, 15F
Part Three: 16B, 17G, 18C, 19D, 20F; not used: A and E
C, 2G, 3D, 4A, 5F, 6B; not used: E and H
Word Formation
dangerous; satisfaction; excitement; disappointment; ability; especially; unfortunately; generally; financial; 10 organization
have; of ; by; that; even/many; with; not; which; enough; 10 In
Say It Differently
We enjoyed the trip despite the [terrible] weather / despite the weather being terrible.
I’d prefer to stay at home tonight.
Watching football is not as exciting as watching ice hockey.
His offer of help was/got turned down by the man.
We set out early in order to watch the sunrise.
If only I had visited Liz while I was in London!
Tom accused James of lying/having lied about the stolen phone.
It took us two hours to find the lost keys.
An article on dog breeds is being written by Ralph.
10 This computer hasn’t / has not been fixed yet. / This computer is yet to be fixed.



The Gallery of Terror, pp. 4–5, Task 2: 1 Irukandji jellyfish, 2 needles, 3 long words, 4 spiders, 5 clowns, 6 examinations, 7 ghosts, 8 fear itself

From Tricks to Treats, p 7: 1 Celtic, 2 weakest, 3 All Souls’ Day, 4 prayers, 5 stealing gates, 6 Irish, 7 treats

Halloween Quotes Solutions, p. 8: Morticia Addams “When we’re together, every night is Halloween.”, Dracula: “Listen to them, the children of the night. What music they make!”, Nancy “Whatever you do, don’t fall asleep”, Beetlejuice “I’m the ghost with the most, baby.”

Famous People’s Surnames CD Task: 1 Taylor Swift: her surname describes sb who is fast and who could have been a messenger, 2 Harry Styles: his surname comes from the word stile, a step to get over a fence, his ancestors probably lived by a stile, 3 Chris Hemsworth: Hemsworth is a place in Yorkshire and this place name comes from the personal name Hymel and an old English word “worth”, a word for a piece of land or farm

The Most Instagrammable Places in Canada, pp. 14–15, CD Part 1: CN Tower, Toronto,
1 CN Tower, 2 Ontario, 3 553.3, 4 2009, 5 telecommunications, 6 2 million, 7 Niagara Falls, 8 glass, 9 EdgeWalk, Instagram Question: From the ferry to the Toronto Islands; CD Part 2: Montreal, 1 Montreal, 2 second-biggest, 3 Old Montreal, 4 French, 5 Paris, 6 narrow, 7 Montreal City Hall, Bonus Question: the Montreal Science Centre, a clock tower and a giant Ferris wheel

Doing Things the Canadian Way, pp. 16–17: 1b, 2a, 3a, 4c

Lizzo Time to Shine, pp. 18–19 Task 1: Musical influences: gospel music, rap, indie rock, boy bands like The Backstreet Boys and NSYNC, Destiny’s Child. Cities she has lived in: Detroit, Houston, Minneapolis. Low points in her life/career: father’s death in 2009, being homeless and living in her car, dropping out of college, almost giving up on music completely, death of her mentor, Prince, first single didn’t do well (at the time). Successes: doing well at school and earning a scholarship to the University of Houston, working with Prince, her first album reaching number one, starring in her own reality series, acting in movies, appearing on the covers of Time, Elle and Essence magazines, creating her own shapewear line, selling out shows around the globe. Her message to listeners: feel good about the skin you’re in. Task 2: Life hasn’t always been peaches and cream: life hasn’t always been easy. Lizzo hit rock bottom: she reached the lowest possible emotional level. The song… didn’t make a splash: it wasn’t successful. It blew up the charts: it was very popular and successful. CD Task: 1 The Black Entertainment Awards and the Met Gala, 2 Sasha, named after Beyonce’s album I am… Sasha Fierce, 3 Instagram, it posts its appearances on TV and on photo shoots, it leaves sarcastic comments, it doesn’t follow anyone back.

The FBI and the CIA, pp. 20–21: 1 from, 2 difficult, 3 done, 4 across, 5 anyone, 6 is, 7 at all

The Energy of Tomorrow, pp. 22–23
Task: Nuclear Fusion: What is it? 
A way of producing energy by forcing atoms together – the resulting lost mass becomes energy. What is problematic about using it? It needs huge pressure and temperature that is very hard to create. At the moment fusion reactors use far more energy than they produce and can only operate for short periods of time. Solar Wind: What is it? A stream of protons and electrons that could be harvested to produce energy. What is problematic about using it? We don’t yet know how to get the energy from space to Earth. Energy Floors: What is it? A Dutch company that uses the kinetic energy of people dancing on a special dancefloor that creates energy to power its lights. What is problematic about using it? Not mentioned. Neutrinovoltaic Energy: A way of producing energy from neutrinos. What is problematic about using it? It can currently only produce small amounts of energy.

News Bites, p. 24: 1 busy as a bee, brainy as a bee (= pilný / pilná jako včelička, chytrý / chytrá jako včelička), 2 think about the purpose of a task, 3 in 2019, new iguanas are being seen, 4 invasive species killed them

Young, British and Black, pp. 26–27, Task 2: 1F – it was not too different from the estate she grew up on, but not the same one, 2 F he was just nominated, 3T, 4F – he just works with them, 5T, 6F – but they are both big fans of hers

Film and Television 101, pp. 28–29, Task 1: 1b, 2a, 3c, 4a, 5c, 6b, 7c, 8a, 9c, 10b; Task 3: 1d, 2a, 3c, 4e, 5b; Task 4: 1b, 2e, 3a, 4d, 5f, 6c

Gate B1 Practice Test, pp. 30–33, Listening Part 1: 1a, 2c, 3b, 4c, 5b, 6c, 7b; Part 2: 8b, 9b, 10b, 11a, 12c, 13b; Part 3: 14 fifteen / 15, 15 leader, 16 campfire / camp fire, 17 two / 2, 18 TRICIAWRIGHT / triciawright, 19 March; Part 4: 20A (true), 21B (false), 22A (true), 23B (false), 24A (true), 25B (false)

Language in Use, pp. 34–35, Part 1: 1c, 2c, 3b, 4a, 5d, 6a, 7a, 8d, 9b, 10b; Part 2: 11 whole / entire, 12 my / these, 13 that, 14 a, 15 for, 16 in, 17 over / around / round / across, 18 so / very / really / really extremely, etc., 19 should / have to / must, 20 as



Trick or Treat; pp. 4–5

TASK 1: 1 skeleton; vampire; ghost

TASK 2: bed 2; bedside table 1; bookshelf 10; candle 7; chair 5; chest of drawers 9; door 16; lamp 3; mirror 6; owl 15; poster 12; spider 8; table 4; toothbrush 14; toothpaste 13; wardrobe 11

TASK 3: (sample answers) bedroom: bed, bedside table, bookcase, bookshelf, candle, carpet, chair, chest of drawers, clock, desk, lamp, mirror, owl, poster, rug, spider, table, television, wardrobe; living room: armchair, bookcase, bookshelf, candle, carpet, chair, clock, lamp, owl, rug, sofa, spider, table, television, wardrobe; bathroom: bath, candle, mirror, spider, toothbrush, toothpaste, shower, sink, towel, washing machine; kitchen: candle, chair, clock, spider, table, fridge, dishwasher, cupboard, sink

TASK 4: the English teacher – a skeleton; the history teacher – a witch; the art teacher – a vampire; the maths teacher – a monster; the science teacher – a ghost; the PE teacher – a werewolf; the music teacher – a zombie; The Answer: living room


Scary Pumpkins and Happy Skeletons; pp. 6–7

TASK 1: 1 H; H; D; D; H: D; H

Strange Places to Stay; pp. 8–9

TASK 1: 1 The Kakslauttanen Arctic Resort is furthest north; The Null Stern Hotel is in the mountains; The Addams Mansion Hotel is like a film.

Prepositions of Place: from left to right: in, behind, in front of, between, under,

next to, on, above

TASK 2: You can sleep under the stars and 400 metres above the ground at Natura Vive Skylodge. This hotel in Peru is on a cliff, and we don’t mean on the top of the cliff. There is no lift. To get between the ground and the hotel, you must climb, hike and use zip lines. It is very hard work. But look at the view!


What Is Your Perfect Room? p. 10

TASK 1: 1F; 2T; 3F; 4T; 5F; 6F


Lights in the Night; p. 11

TASK: 1 Day 3; Day 5; Day 4; Day 1; Day 2


America the Beautiful: Super Lady Looks for Superlatives; pp. 14–15

TASK 1: 1 New York; Washington, DC; Joe Biden; Alaska; The One World Trade Center; 329.5 million people

TASK 2: 1 Disneyland is in Anaheim and Americans call it “the happiest place on earth”; Walt Disney designed Disneyland which opened in 1955; At Disneyland, you can visit Sleeping Beauty’s castle and meet Mickey Mouse; Many American parents think visiting Disneyland is an important part of

childhood; In 2020, 3.67 million people visited Disneyland.


Animals in Danger; pp. 16–17

TASK 1: 1b; 2c; 3a; 4a; 5c


Hocus Pocus 2; pp. 18–19

TASK 1: 1D; 2E; 3A; 4C; 5B

TASK 2: 1D; 2A; 3E; 4B; 5C


Two Truths and a Lie; pp. 20–21

TASK 1: Story 1 is not true.

TASK 2: 1d; 2e; 3f; 4a; 5b; 6c


Olivia Rodrigo; pp. 22–23

TASK: A star; door, hand, dark; face; saved


The Legend of Sleepy Hollow; pp. 24–25

TASK 2: 1C; 2B; 3A; 4C; 5A; 6D


We Come in Peace: 45 Years of the Voyager Golden Records; p. 27

TASK 1: A4; B2; C1; D5; E3


Cambridge YLE Movers; pp. 28–33

Listening Part 2: 1 garden; white; milk; square; Peanut

Listening Part 4: 1C; 2B; 3B

Reading & Writing Part 1: 1 a cloud; a shoulder; the moon; cheese; a dolphin; a bottle

Reading & Writing Part 2: 1A; 2B; 3C; 4C; 5A; 6B

Reading & Writing Part 3: 1 city; balcony; went; boring; ate; chocolates; Isabelle’s holiday

Reading & Writing Part 4: 1 which; them; all; eat; because


Puzzles; pp. 34–35

TASK 1: A drawers; door; bookshelf; armchair; bedside; bookcase; wardrobe; kitchen; lamp; bath; bedroom; living; sofa; poster; chair; bathroom; rug; mirror

TASK 2: 1 Jack-o’-lanterns first came from China. F; In the movie The Wizard of Oz there is a good witch. T; A poltergeist is a kind of ghost that sings. F; Skeletons are made of more than 200 bones. T; Cats have nine lives. F



It’s Halloween! My Family; pp. 4–5

Task 2: family 1; brother 2; sister 3; father, dad 4; mother, mum 5; grandma 6; grandpa 7; boy 8; girl 9; cousins 10; cat 11; witch 12; zombie 13; monster 14; bat 15

Task 3: 15 bat; 8 boy; 2 brother; 11 cat; 10 cousin; 4 dad / father; 1 family; 9 girl; 6 grandma; 7 grandpa; 14 monster; 5 mum / mother; 3 sister; 12 witch; 13 zombie

Task 4: The Answer: A Sand-witch

Task 5: pumpkin, witch, zombie, pirate, vampire, monster, grandma and cat. The words make a picture of a bat.


Grammar Zone; pp. 8–9

Task 2: 1d; 2b; 3e; 4a; 5f; 6h; 7c; 8g

Task 3a beautiful purple witch; a silly / ugly orange pumpkin; a happy, black bat; a big ugly / silly zombie

Task 4: a witch


New Zealand; pp. 10–11

Task 1: 1 islands; North; South; smaller; Australia; rugby; Maori; volcanoes; The Maori name for New Zealand: AOTEAROA.

Task 4: Takahē: 3rd picture; Kākāpō: 1st picture; Pīwakawaka: 2nd picture

Task 5: The Answer: I lava you.


Halloween Monsters; pp. 12–13

Task 2Morty is a bat; Sandy is a witch; Jack is a zombie.


“Wait for Martin to Come”; pp. 14–15

Task 2: 1 fireplace; house; fire; Martin; up; talking; tiger; The Answer: Purrple


Happy Halloween! pp. 19–20

Task 2: 8 cats; 14 bats; 2 lizards; 2 snakes; 7 pumpkins; 7 jack-o’-lanterns; 10 witches; 2 zombies; 1 bike