Susan’s Blog: Finding Dimatex

16. 10. 2017
Susan’s Blog: Finding Dimatex

Good news, everyone: we found the missing monster girl, Dimatex! It’s a very funny story. Borgalorg was scared because he couldn’t find his friend. But she was only playing hide and seek! It was very funny. Everyone is okay.

It’s so nice to see these friends together. When we first saw them, I thought they looked ugly and scary. But now I know them. They are my friends now, too. And now I don’t think they look ugly! They just look different.

The next time I see someone who looks ugly or scary, I will remember these monster people. I will not think someone is bad just because they look different. Most people are good and nice, and we can be friends. It’s not important what someone looks like.

Borgalorg gave us lots of monster mush to use for the Impossible Portal. Now we just need to find the code to open it again.

See you next week!