Susan’s Blog: Stuck!

25. 09. 2017
Susan’s Blog: Stuck!

My new friends helped me get the code and open the Impossible Portal! They are very clever. Everyone worked really hard to solve the puzzles, and I think everyone’s brains are bigger now!

But there’s a problem. The Impossible Portal closed after everyone came through it, and we’re stuck here!

I was scared at first. What can we do? Can we go back home? What about our friends and our families? I was so scared I couldn’t think!

Then I took a deep, slow breath, in and out. Then again. I remembered that this is a good way to calm down when you are scared, or stressed, or angry. I waited for my brain to slow down so I could use it to think. Then I remembered that I had FIT with me! I asked FIT what to do, and it gave us a plan. My new friends are going to help me, too. Now we’re on a real adventure!

See you next week!