4 Issue
The ChatGPT Revolution

6 Literature
A J.R.R. Tolkien Quiz

8 English-Speaking Cities
Cool Capitals: London

11 News
NewsBites: September Edition

12 Animals
The World’s Best Animal Students

14 Film Profile
Rachel Zegler’s Hollywood Fairy Tale

16 Psychology
The Power of Thought

18 Interview
What Do You Know About Czech Sign Language?

20 Travel
Pura Vida in Costa Rica

22 Music
The Perfect Playlist

24 Environment
Ending Food Waste for a Better World

25 Puzzle Zone
Zigzag Words, Pig Latin

26 Vocabulary
Transport English 101

28 Films / Television
Mystery and Madness on Screen This September

30 History / Interesting Facts
The Worst Mistakes Ever

32 Technology
Cool Inventions

33 Contest
My News

34 Test
Grammar Challenge