4 Vocabulary
Christmas Is Here!

6 Your Story
Silly Christmas Carol

8 Grammar
Grammar Zone

10 Poster

12 Comic
The Christmas Turkey

14 Story
“The Toy Soldier”

16 Speaking Fun
Holiday Dinner

17 Colouring
Let’s Colour!

18 Puzzles
Puss in Boots: The Last Wish

19 Look and Talk


Christmas Is Here!; pp. 4–5

Task 1: 1 Father Christmas; 2 present; 3 Christmas tree; 4 reindeer; 5 apple; 6 cake; 7 sweets; 8 carrot; 9 turkey – roast and / or animal; 10 fish; 11 pineapple; 12 chocolate; 13 potatoes; 14 biscuits

Task 2: the table: 3 apples; 1 pineapple; 8 carrots; 3 biscuits; a glass of brandy; the fridge: 2 apples; 1 turkey; 6 potatoes; some fish

Task 3: apple; biscuits; fish; present; cake; carrots; sweets; turkey; present; The Answer: A paper hat and a small toy.

Your Story; pp. 6–7

Task 6: The Message: Merry Christmas!

Grammar Zone; pp. 8–9

Task 2:

Mrs. Claus: Santa, help me! I am making Christmas dinner. I need potatoes. How many potatoes are there?

Santa Claus: There are many potatoes. We have one hundred!

Mrs. Claus: One hundred? Good. How much milk is there?

Santa Claus: There are five bottles of milk.

Mrs. Claus: Oh, we need more milk. Please ask Rudolph for more milk. In his home there are many bottles of milk. How much turkey is there?

Santa Claus: There is so much turkey. There is turkey for everyone!

Mrs. Claus: OK, and biscuits? How many biscuits are there?

Santa Claus: There are no biscuits. I ate them all! Ho ho ho!

Mrs. Claus: Oh Santa!

Task 3: biscuits; apples; grapes; carrots; burgers; mangoes; pies; potatoes

Canada; pp. 10–11

Task 2: The animal is beaver.

Task 3: Vancouver

Task 4: white; big; black; polar; Ottawa; pancakes; whale; syrup; leaf; ice hockey

The two Inuit words are igloo and kayak.

The Christmas Turkey; pp. 12–13

Task 2: Jack’s list: carrots, potatoes, chocolate, apples, turkey

Story with Pictures; pp. 14–15

Task 2: aC; bD; cA; dE; eB; 1 dancer; 2 jack-in-the-box; 3 rat; 4 fish; 5 two boys

Let’s Colour; p. 17

There’s a picture of a yellow menorah with a blue background.

Puss in Boots: the Last Wish; p. 18

Task: many eggs; many mangoes; much milk; much water; much cake; many apples; much bread; much chicken; much rice


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