4 Vocabulary
My Home

6 Your Story
My Dream House

8 Grammar
Grammar Zone

10 Story with Pictures
“The Toy Rabbit”

12 Comic
An Easter Egg for Morty

14 Speaking
Speaking Fun

15 Colouring
Let’s Colour

16 Traditions
St Patrick’s Day

17 Puzzles
A Postcard from Dublin

18 Puzzles
Kung Fu Panda 4

19 Look and Talk
Spring Cleaning


My Home; pp. 4–5

Task 1: 1 There are two bedrooms in our house. This is my bedroom. I sleep here. There is a desk and a chair, too. I do my homework there. This is the bedroom where mum and dad sleep. This is their bed. There’s a window, too. 2 This is the dining room. We eat here. There is a big table and some chairs. 3 This is the living room. Dad likes to sit in the armchair and read books. I like to sit on the sofa. 4 This is the bathroom. I wash here. There’s a mirror, too. 5 This is the kitchen. Mum and Dad cook here. There’s a big clock on the wall in the kitchen. 6 This is the hall. I put on my shoes and coat here. This is the door to go in and out of the house.
Task 2: possible answers. If students find other reasons, let them explain 1 lamp – it’s not a room;
2 door – you can’t sit on it; 3 kitchen – it is a room, the other words are things in rooms; 4 clock – it’s easy to put a clock in a new place, it’s not easy to move the other things
Task 3: chocolate eggs

My Dream House; pp. 6–7

Task 3: It’s yellow. / Ten. / A bed (that looks like a car), a (big) TV, a (green) sofa (that looks like a snake). / A spider.

Grammar Zone; pp. 8–9
Task 2:
The yellow egg is behind the chair. The green egg is under the bed. The purple egg is on the ball. The orange egg is between the bed and the cupboard. The red egg is in front of the bed. The blue egg is next to the robot.

The Toy Rabbit; pp. 10–11
Task 1: 1
D; 2A; 3B; 4E; 5C
Task 2: A happy; B hands; C sad; D angry; E feet; F sleep; G ill; H drink

An Easter Egg for Morty; pp. 12–13
The task is a competition task.

Let’s Colour; p. 15
a leprechaun

Traditions; p. 16

Task: A leprechaun’s hat and a shamrock

A Postcard from Dublin; p. 17

Task: Fish


1 L I F F E Y  
2 B R I D G E  
3 M U S I C    
    4 H A R R Y


Kung Fu Panda 4; p. 18
Task 1:
yellow, blue, green, orange, red, purple, brown, black, white
1 Y, 2 U, 3 R, 4 O, 5 T, 6 A, 7 D, 8 N, 9 E, 10 B, 11 H, 12 P, 13 K, 14 G, 15 W, 16 I
Task 2: 1 Tigress, 2 Grand Master Oogway, 3 Baby Po, 4 Master Shifu

Look and Talk; pp. 27–28
Task 2:
Possible answers: 1 In picture A, Morty is playing with a toy train, in picture B, he is playing with a toy plane. 2 In picture A, Morty’s bed is purple, in picture B, it is green. 3 In picture A, there’s a clock on the wall. In picture B, there’s a mirror. 4 In picture A, there’s a cup on the bookcase, in picture B, there isn’t a cup on the bookcase. 5 In picture A, the chair is green, in picture B, it is purple. 6 In picture A, there is a sock on the lamp, there isn’t a sock on the lamp in picture B. 7 There’s a spider in picture A but there isn’t a spider in picture B. 8 Morty is sitting on a green rug in picture A. He’s sitting on a purple rug in picture B. 9 In picture A, it’s sunny outside. In picture B, it is rainy. 10 In picture A, there isn’t a teddy bear in Morty’s bed. There is a teddy bear in picture B.


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