Vybrali jsme z dvojčísla Ready leden–únor


It’s winter, that snowy, icy time of year. Let’s hit the ice for some winter sports fun. Maybe you like to play football or go running in the summer. But which sports can you play when it’s cold outside? If you want to have fun you can play snow golf. It’s just like golf but in the snow. You can try ice climbing: you climb not rocks but a frozen waterfall. You can snowboard, ski or snowmobile down mountains and through forests. But we want to talk about winter Olympic sports played on ice. You can watch them at the Olympics every four years and play them whenever it’s cold.

Figure Skating

Figure skating was one of the first sports at the winter Olympic games in 1924. A female or male skater performs alone in singles skating, or
with a partner in pairs skating. Skaters earn points for different jumps, spins, throws and spirals – the more difficult the move, the more points they earn. Skaters perform either a short or long routine to music. It’s usually very beautiful to watch; it’s like ballet on ice.

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