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Christmas Shopping; pp. 4–5

TASK 1: songbook: Lucy; comic book: Brian; playing cards: Ted; paper doll: Jen
TASK 2: GOING: to the cinema, hiking, swimming, horse riding, fishing, cycling; PLAYING: the guitar, the trumpet, board games, computer games, cards; COLLECTING: stamps, coins, (post)cards, toys, old photos; WATCHING: television, films, YouTube videos, DVDs, sports; LISTENING TO: music, the radio, pop music, rock music, rap music; READING: books, magazines, the newspaper, comic books; NO EXTRA WORD: painting, cooking, singing, running, cycling
TASK 3: Column 1: snowman, bell, holly, mistletoe, stocking; Column 2: bauble; reindeer, candle, wreath, present; Column 3: star, angel, sleigh, fireplace; The Answer: Yes, he has a black belt.

Veselé Christmas! Merry Vánoce! pp. 6–7

TASK: 1 apple; 2 parsnip; 3 biscuits; 4 bell; 5 hungry; 6 football

Superstar Hobbies pp. 8–9

TASK 2: a Maxwell; b Maitreyi; c Maitreyi, Chloe; d Maitreyi, Maxwell; e Zendaya; f Maxwell, Chloe
TASK 3: a, d

Hobbies and Free Time; p. 10

TASK 1: Katie: reading books, watching television and YouTube, going to the cinema, listening to pop music, taking photos; John: playing the guitar, listening to rock, writing songs

Jingle Bells; p. 11

TASK 1: 1a December 25th; b January 6th; c December 26th; d December 24th; 2c furniture flying out of the window; 3 roast ham = the USA; pasta = Italy; KFC = Japan; barbecue = South Africa; 4d in a hat; 5b Vinterfint; 6b giving books

Jamaican Cool: Super Lady Looks for Superlatives; pp. 12–13

TASK 1: 2 Kingston; 3 1.2 million people; 4 Andrew Holness; 5 King Charles III; 6 Negril Seven Miles Beach
TASK 2: 1F; 2T; 3F; 4F; 5F

Animals in Danger; p. 14

TASK: 1 dolphins; 2 dolphins; 3 dolphins; 4 porpoises; 5 porpoises

“Anansi and the Snake”; pp. 15

TASK 2: 1b; 2d; 3e; 4a; 5c

Avatar: The Way of Water; pp. 16–17

TASK 1: 1 a language from the film Avatar; 2 James Cameron; 3 a professor from the University of Southern California; 4 2,600
TASK 2: 1 utral: tree; 2 yayo: bird; 3 ram: mountain; 4 tsyosyu: food; 5 naer: drink

Puzzle Time; pp. 18–19

Liz likes playing football and going fishing with her brother.
Mark likes playing the guitar and going to the cinema with his friends.
Ben likes playing board games and going hiking with his cousins.
Natty likes playing the trumpet and going swimming with her sister.
TASK 2: Each number is how many spaces backwards in the alphabet the letter is, starting with 1:Z.

A   B   C   D   E   F  G  H   I   J   K  L  M  N  O  P  Q R S T U V W X Y Z
26 25 24 23 22 21 20 19 18 17 16 15 14 13 12 11 10 9 8 7 6  5  4   3 2 1

1 mask; 2 fireworks; 3 noisemaker; 4 crown; 5 sparkler; The Answer: Moo Year’s Eve


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