Bridge January-February 2021


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Part One: 1
B, 2B, 3D, 4A
Part Two: 5F, 6F, 7T, 8F, 9T, 10T, 11F, 12F
Part Three: 13 windy and rainy / winter weather, 14 scientist / museum worker, 15 AUDUBON, 16 25 (locations), 17 (a) circle, 18 36 (bird species, types, families), 19 nothing / 0, 20 (in) (their) gardens
Part Four: 21D, 22A, 23B, 24C

Part Five: 25
B, 26C, 27C, 28B, 29A
Part Six: 30T, 31F, 32T, 33T, 34T, 35F, 36F, 37F, 38T, 39T
Part Seven: 40A, 41C, 42D, 43A, 44B
Part Eight: 45C, 46A, 47D, 48F, 49B
Part Nine: 50A, 51A, 52C, 53B, 54C, 55C, 56B, 57B, 58B, 59B, 60B, 61B, 62A, 63A, 64C

Part One – Let’s Practise: 1
C, 2F, 3D, 4E, 5B, 6A

Cooliosities: Do-It-Yourself Glossary
chassis, 2 rear, 3 to shrink, 4 hellish, 5 to stare, 6 sympathy, 7 conservationist, 8 convincingly

The Puzzler
Crashed Quiz
What monument is in the centre of Trafalgar Square? (Nelson’s Column)
2 How many London Underground stations are there? (270)
3 What is the title of the British monarch’s eldest son? (Prince of Wales)
4 How often are parliamentary elections held? (Every five years unless Parliament calls an early election)
5 What British country is not part of Great Britain? (Northern Ireland)
6 Which country of the UK is not represented in the Union Jack? (Wales)
7 What is the highest mountain in the United Kingdom? (Ben Nevis in Scotland)
8 What is Scotland’s biggest city? (Glasgow)
9 What are the UK’s four capital cities? (London, Cardiff, Edinburgh, Belfast)

crane, 2 romance, 3 canoe, 4 Roman, 5 ocean, 6 cream, 7 race, 8 can, 9 corn

Strange World
These metal strips fixed to the walls of Fleet Street were made so that any rude gentleman who used the wall as a toilet would end up wetting his own shoes.

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