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In the Country; pp. 4–5
TASK 3: 1 field; 2 mountain; 3 lake; 4 forest; 5 waterfall; 6 road; 7 river; 8 island; 9 beach; 10 hill; 11 sea; 12 sky; The Riddle: walks, sleeps; The Answer: river
TASK 4: 1c; 2b; 3b; 4a; 5c

Let’s Talk About Nature; pp. 6–7
When is World Water Day? March 22nd
TASK: 1 water; 2 water; 3 forests; 4 (if students say “water” or “both” ask them to name the specific places they can find water, such as rivers, lakes or oceans); 4 forests; 5 water; 6 forests; 7 water; 8 forests; 9 water; 10 forests

The Great Outdoors; p. 9
TASK 1: Let’s have a picnic; Let’s ride a horse; Let’s walk the dog; Let’s go to the park; Let’s go outside.
TASK 2: 1 doing; 2 outside; 3 about; 4 idea; 5 sounds; 6 time; 7 later

Agent Ready in Ireland; pp. 10–11
TASK: 1A; 2A; 3C; 4B; 5A; 6C

The Strongest Animals; p. 12
What does a dung beetle need the dung for? To eat and to lay eggs.
TASK: 1 more than eagles > more than they weigh; 2 their eggs > dung; 3 sun > stars; 4 France > Sweden; 5 with > without

Niall Horan; p. 13
Where is Niall from? Ireland
TASK: Fact / Love / Injured / Career / Knee / Even / Recognised; Flicker

Meet Your Heroes; p. 16

What are Billy’s special powers? The power of Shazam. He looks like a grown-up. He can control lightning, he can fly, he can speak many languages, he is very strong and he is very fast. He has lots of other powers, too. 

TASK: A teenage; B lightning; C flashing; D powers; E sphere

The Mystery of the Missing Camera; p. 17
village     forest     lake     waterfall     mountain
beach      river       bridge     field         hills
Route: village -> forest -> bridge -> field -> mountain, and back the same way
TASK 2: Aoife lost the camera in the field on the way home. It was after they had lunch on top of the mountain, but before they reached the bridge.

Puzzle Time; pp. 18–19
TASK 1: 1 mountain; 2 ground; 3 waterfall; 4 sand; 5 bridge; 6 island; 7 beach; 8 lake; 9 sea; 10 stone; 11 road; 12 grass; 13 rock; 14 field; 15 hill; 16 sky; The Answer: A mountain
TASK 2: 1C; 2F; 3B; 4E; 5A; 6D

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