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Australia is the smallest continent but there are so many interesting animals that you can find only there (= endemic). Four out of five animals that live in Australia are endemic. These are for example monotremes – mammals that lay eggs like the platypus . Half of the birds that live in Australia can only be found there. Among the typical Australian bird groups are the emu, or the kookaburra. Also, Australia has almost 400 mammal groups and about 140 are marsupials, animals that carry the young in their pouches like kangaroos.


Hi. Do you know what you are? Are you a person? That’s nice. You are a mammal, and I am a mammal. But I am not sure I am a mammal. I lay eggs. Mammals don’t lay eggs. But I do. I don’t have a mouth. I have a beak like a duck bill. I am a platypus. I live in Australia. With my tail, I am about 50cm long. I weigh about 1.5kg. I live up to about 20 years in the wild. I live near rivers and lakes. I have webbed feet, just like a duck’s. My feet help me swim very fast. I love to eat shrimp and crawfish.

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