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GATE May-June 2023


Tales of Exploration and Travel, pp. 4–6: CD Task 1: Livingstone’s Legacy: Positives: he was brave and fought his whole life against the slave trade in east Africa. He treated African people with respect and learned local languages. Negatives: he was a difficult person who often argued with other people, and he always put his ideals above everything and everyone else, including his own family. He was often badly prepared and put other people and himself in danger. Using the knowledge and information provided by Livingstone, the British and other European nations soon began to colonise the continent. CD Task 2: The First of Many: 1 The real purpose of the expedition was to map out the territory so people could go and live there. 2 The result of the expedition was that more people started to move to the new American territory. The newcomers brought with them diseases that killed thousands and they murdered thousands more. The new settlers forced the Native Americans to leave the lands where they had lived for generations. CD Task 3: Around the World in 72 days: Route: From the east coast of the USA to England, France, Italy, the Suez Canal, Sri Lanka, Malaysia, Singapore, Hong Kong, Japan, San Francisco back to New York; When Nellie Bly fell behind schedule the owner of the newspaper organised a special train to bring her back. The Miss Nellie Bly Special crossed the country in record time.

Dresses, Limousines and Promposals: It’s Prom Season, pp. 8–9: Task 1: 1E, 2D, 3B, 4A; Task 2: 1 crush, 2 corsage, 3 promposal, 4 tuxedo, 5 limousine, 6 seniors, 7 interracial, 8 date

Gate editors instagram Tips Czech Republic, pp. 10–11: CD Part 1: 1 viewpoint, 2 40km,
3 flows, 4 St. John’s, 5 boats, 6 calmly; Bonus Questions: On the opposite side of the river, you can spot the popular hiking path along the Vltava (Povltavská stezka) and little wooden cabins. The best time to visit is in autumn when the trees turn golden and yellow; CD Part 2: 1 impressive, 2 1998, 3 industrial, 4 rebuilt, 5 technology, 6 Tower

How do Expats See Us, p. 13: CD Task: Sarah realised that it takes time for friendships to develop and with some patience openness and closeness grow quite naturally, even though people are a bit reserved and not friendly at first. Normal is the word that is used too much.

Coronation Day p. 15: Task: C, D, G, F, E, B, A

MrBeast p. 17: 1 His family moves moved around a lot when he was young but finally settled in South North Carolina. 2 Crohn’s disease made it impossible for him achieving to achieve his original dream of playing basketball baseball. 3 He was offered $10,000 $5,000 dollars for a video, but he turned it out turned it down because he wanted more. 4 MrBeast believes he has been cracking has cracked the YouTube code: Get money from other YouTubers brands / companies, give it away, get views, get more money and so on. 5 He hopes that his videos will inspire other peoples people to give away large amounts of money too help others too.

Fun in the Sun pp. 20–21: 1 outdoor gym, 2 SUP / inline skating, 3 SUP / inline skating / outdoor gym, 4 beach volleyball, 5 inline skating, 6 outdoor gym, 7 beach volleyball, 8 inline skating, 9 SUP / inline skating, 10 outdoor gym

What’s up in the Night Sky? pp. 22–23: 1F – the day is longest and the night is shortest,

2F – stars twinkle and planets don’t, 3T, 4F – before dawn, 5T

How Days Were Named, p. 27: from, 2 its, 3 way, 4 why, 5 with, 6 Other, 7 their,

Summer on Screen, pp. 28–29: 1 Wild Life, 2 Mission: Impossible – Dead Reckoning-Part One, 3 Silo, 4 Indiana Jones and the Dial of Destiny, 5 XO, Kitty; CD Task: Dracula’s

assistant, Renfield, and Dracula. Renfield brings the vampire his victims and for it he

gets superpowers. He wants to live a normal life, but will Dracula let him go?

Holiday Abroad or Holiday at Home? English 101, pp. 30–31: Task 1: 1C, 2A, 3B, 4C, 5C, 6A,

7B, 8B, 9C, 10B

Task 3:

Task 4: 1 bed and breakfast, 2 houseboat, 3 five-star hotel, 4 caravan, 5 cottage, 6 motel

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