4 Travel
Scary Air

6 Technology
Fake Reality: AI Spotter’s Guide

8 Interview
Interview with Tech Talent Matyáš Boháček

10 Literature
Stories of Survival in Literature

12 USA / History
The Most Famous Flag of All



14 Music Profile
Benson Boone: Ready for the Big Time

16 Young People / Differences
Summer in the USA and Summer in the UK

18 Cool Capitals
Do You Really Know Prague?

20 Cities
My Prague Secret

22 Fashion
Jorts, Polos and TikTok Trends



24 Food
From the Streets to Your Stomach

26 Films
Movie Summer

28 Sport
The Summer Olympics 2024

30 Vocabulary
Places in the City and in the Country English 101

32 Puzzle
UK Road Trip

34 Competition
My News Winners