4 Issue
Am I Grown Up Yet?

6 Culture
Coming of Age Ceremonies

8 Literature / Profile
Surprising Facts About Agatha Christie

10 Literature
Five Little Pigs by Agatha Christie

13 Puzzle / Competition
Brain Training, Make the Back Cover Yours!

14 Where I’m From
Gate Writers and Their Hometowns: Hastings

16 Animals / English-Speaking Countries
National Birds

18 Travel
Myanmar – A Country Unknown to Many

20 History / Anniversary
The Battle for the Skies

22 Science
Want to Live Forever?

24 Music / Profile
Sounds of the North: Sigrid and Kaleo

26 Language / Grammar
Grammar Trouble: Making Questions

28 Sport
The Speedy Sport of Badminton

30 Movies / Culture
Park the Car and Get Some Pop Corn

31 Stories from the Pandemic
How Did We Do It?

32 Social Media
What People Are Talking About 

33 Videogames
New Releases

34 Television
Your Netlix Picks