4 School
Five Tips for Going Back to School

6 History / Politics
The US Constitution

8 English-Speaking Countries / Geography
The Most Instagrammable Places in the USA

10 Animals
Why We Live Together

12 Music Profile
Who Is Jack Harlow?

14 Technology
Virtual Reality for Fun and Profit

16 Story
One Ukrainian Student’s Story

18 UK Life
Doing Things the British Way

20 Social Media
Sophie Šarláková: The Power of Being Genuine

21 Competition
Do You Have What It Takes to Write for Gate?

22 Transport
Unusual Transport from Around the World

25 Film
Petr Jákl’s Medieval

26 Television
Fantastic Fantasy

27 Fashion
Back to Cool

28 Vocabulary
School English 101

30 Puzzle
Classroom Codeword

32 News
NewsBites: September Edition

34 Music
Running Up That Hill Again

35 Listening
Dialogues to Improve Your Listening