4 Vocabulary
Who’s Here for Christmas?

6 Your Story
Dear Diary…

8 Grammar
Grammar Zone

10 Story with Pictures
“The Tailor of Gloucester”

12 Comic
Morty’s Christmas Present

14 Traditions

15 Puzzles
A Postcard from Sydney

16 Speaking
Speaking Fun

17 Colouring
Let’s Colour

18 Puzzles

19 Look and Talk
Christmas in the Classroom


Who’s Here for Christmas?; pp. 4–5
Task 1: 1 brother, 2 cousins, 3 father, 4 grandfather, 5 sister, 6 grandmother, 7 aunt, 8 mother,
9 uncle

Task 2: 1 grandma, grandpa; 2 dad, mum; 3 daughter; 4 son; 5 baby 

Task 3: grandma, grandpa, uncle, aunt, mum, dad

Task 4: Happy Christmas


Dear Diary; pp. 6–7
Task 3: Reindeer. / Apples and grass. / Cookies. / Red jacket and trousers. / Drinks tea and reads a book. / Drinks hot chocolate with the elves and watches TV.

Task 4: D


Grammar Zone; pp. 8–9
Task 2: 1 (Example) He would like a book. 2 She would like a car / toy car. / She wants a car /toy car. 3 He would like a T-shirt / shirt. / He wants a T-shirt / shirt. 4 He would like a dog. / He wants a dog. 4 He would like a teddy bear. / He wants a teddy bear. 5 She would like a basketball. / She wants a basketball. 

Task 3: 1 (Example) She would like to dance. 2 He would like to paint. / He wants to paint. 3 She would like to eat ice cream. / She wants to eat ice cream. 4 She would like to play baseball. / She wants to play baseball. 5 He would like to read (a book). / He wants to read (a book).


The Tailor of Gloucester; pp. 10–11
Task 3: 1E; 2C; 3A; 4D; 5B


Morty’s Christmas Present; pp. 12-13
Task 1: 1C; 2B; 3A


A Postcard from Sydney; p. 15

Task: Australia, House, Christmas, fun, Sydney, Bridge = SURFING


Migration; p. 18
Task: drake, hen, duckling


Look and Talk; pp. 19–20

Task 2: List of differences:

Picture A Picture B
1 The teacher is wearing a sweater with a reindeer on it. She is wearing a sweater with Santa on it
2 Sandy is wearing a Christmas hat. She isn’t wearing a hat.
3 There are three presents under the tree. There are five presents.
4 There is a candle on the teacher’s desk. There is a flower on the teacher’s desk.
5 The bell in Morty’s hand is yellow. The bell in Morty’s hand is white.
6 Jack is wearing a red sweater. Jack is wearing a red T-shirt.
7 There is a pencil on the teacher’s desk There is a pen on the teacher’s desk
8 Morty is wearing orange socks. He’s wearing pink socks.
9 There is a pink cup of tea on the teacher’s desk. The cup is light blue.
10 There are two bells on top of the board.  There are no bells.


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